Ed Reed

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Name: Ed Reed ( Edward Earl Reed Jr. )
Born: September 11, 1978
Age: 45 years old
Height: 6 Feet
Occupation: footballer
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    Ed Reed: biography

    What is required for building an excellent sports career? Perfect athletism, everyday practicing, willpower and stamina! Ed Reed, an experienced football player, has had all of it and managed to conquer the name of one of the most prominent players ever. He spent 14 years of his life in professional sport, leaving it in 2015. Let’s know what results he succeeded to reach while working!

    Childhood and youth

    Ed Reed’s birthplace is Louisiana. There is no much information about his family. According to his admissions in an interview, he was inclined to sport from the very infancy. Apart from football, Reed also dedicated time to run track, volleyball, and tennis as a child. Initially, the sportsman combined several kinds of sport, took part in various championships but eventually decided to focus on a football career.

    Ed Reed
    Ed Reed

    While at school, Ed Reed demonstrated brilliant skills in football. As a result, lots of universities wanted him to enter them and play for their teams.

    Having enrolled at a college, he established several records. For example, the sportsman was the best player in terms of interceptions, the number of yards, blocks, and touchdowns.

    Interestingly, Ed Reed attended the same university Reggie Wayne did. In 2001 he completed his college education.

    Baltimore Ravens

    The following year, he took part in the draft. Having shown his abilities, the player was selected by the Dallas Cowboys. In summer, they concluded a 5-year $7 million deal. So, Reed visited training camp with the franchise and was used as the starter of the upcoming season. However, he failed to open the season because of a severe injury which forced him to miss first several matches.

    Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens
    Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens

    So, his first professional fight was against the Carolina Panthers. Even though he scored four solo tackles, his squad was defeated with an 11-6 score. One week later, their opposers were the Denver Broncos. The game happened to be successful – the Cowboys won them with a 35-29 score due to Reed’s two interceptions. Later, having faced the Indianapolis Colts, Reed registered four solo tackles, but his squad was beaten with a 22-20 score. Several days later, he astonished spectators of their successful match against the Jacksonville Jaguars by making eight solo tackles (a really high result).

    The game against the Cincinnati Bengals brought Reed six solo tackles and three pass deflections. As a result, the Cowboys won the opposer. By the end of the year, the sportsman had registered 86 combined tackles, 13 pass deflections, and six interceptions. He took part in all the 17 matches as a starter.

    The player had performed for the Cowboys until 2013. That time rumors appeared on highlights of sports media that Ed Reed would retire pretty soon, but it didn’t happen. When his deal expired, Reed became an official free agent.

    Houston Texans

    2013 was marked by Reed’s joining another team – the Houston Texans. In spring they concluded a $16 million deal. Later, Ed Reed suffered a severe injury and underwent surgery. Fortunately, he recovered till the season’s start. In his first match for the Texans, Reed faced and defeated the Cleveland Browns. The sportsman started the majority of games played that year.

    Ed Reed in Houston Texans
    Ed Reed in Houston Texans

    To be honest, Ed Reed showed poor stats that year.

    New York Jets

    Eventually, the squad’s management decided to trade him to the New York Jets. His debut game with the new team was against the Buffalo Bills.

    Having faced the Oakland Raiders, the player registered two interceptions and led the Jets to a victory. The following week, he fought against the Miami Dolphins. Due to his interception, the Jets became winners of the game.

    Totally, in 2013 Ed Reed appeared in 15 games, starting 11 of them. As for his starts, in sum he made 43 total tackles and six interceptions.


    In 2015 the sportsman officially claimed he would retire from football. He was awarded by the Best Defensive Player award alongside Troy Polamalu.


    At the beginning of 2016, Ed Reed began working with the Buffalo Bills as their coach’s assistant. However, he left the position when the season was closed.

    Ravens legend Ed Reed becoming NFL assistant coach
    Ravens legend Ed Reed becoming NFL assistant coach

    Personal life

    As for Ed Reed’s relationships, he prefers to keep this side of his life in secret. So, there is no information about his probable girlfriend or wife. Once Reed was asked by journalists why he hid his affairs. The latter responded if the publicity had known his private life, it would have destroyed everything.

    Ed Reed’s net worth is estimated at $12 million.

    Ed Reed
    Ed Reed


    • Super Bowl champion
    • All-American

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