Marcus Stroman

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Name: Marcus Stroman ( Marcus Earl Stroman )
Born: May 01, 1991
Age: 32 years old
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Occupation: professional baseball pitcher
Tags: baseball
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    Marcus Stroman: biography

    Marcus Stroman’s career could get started when he was selected by the Nationals in the draft. However, he preferred to get a degree first and joined the big leagues only in 2014. What place does Stroman hold in the world sports ratings? What titles has he managed to conquer in his career? You can know all the information about him reading the article!

    Childhood and youth

    Marcus Stroman’s birthplace is New York. He was raised alongside two siblings in the family of Earl and his wife, Adling. The children got through his parents’ divorce and remained with their mom, seeing their dad only once a week.

    Being a 7-year-old boy, Marcus Stroman starred on the program Figure It Out broadcasted on Nickelodeon.

    Marcus Stroman
    Marcus Stroman

    Having completed his school education, the sportsman took part in the draft. The Washington Nationals noticed his skills and offered to join them. However, Stroman decided not to sign a contract with the franchise but to enter a college to get a degree. Having enrolled at a university, he joined its students’ squad.

    As for Stroman’s best results in his college career, the player scored a 16-11 record. In total, he took part in 50 matches and established various stats records.

    Marcus Stroman in childhood
    Marcus Stroman in childhood

    2016 is the year of Marcus Stroman’s graduation.

    Professional career

    Although he didn’t join the Nationals in 2012, Stroman became a player of the minor leagues. So, initially, he performed for the Vancouver Canadians. In summer 2012 he failed a drug test – doctors discovered a banned medicament in his blood. Subsequently, the player was ruled out for several months as a punishment.

    Toronto Blue Jays

    In spring 2014 Stroman joined the Jays as a substitution for their severely injured player. He was used as a starter of the match against the New York Yankees. Later, fighting against the Milwaukee Brewers, Stroman helped his squad win with the 4-3 score.

    Marcus Stroman in Toronto Blue Jays
    Marcus Stroman in Toronto Blue Jays

    Around that time, having faced the Baltimore Orioles, Stroman started a fistfight with opposers and was punished – he had to miss seven matches. In sum, the year 2014 was closed with a 12-5 record, 109 strikeouts, and 4.01 ERA.

    Marcus Stroman spent the majority of 2015 recovering from a severe injury he got while practicing.

    He started the following season with the match against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Totally, that season brought him an 11-8 record, 3.95 ERA and 170 strikeouts – the best stats amongst his teammates.

    The successful match against the Los Angeles Angels happened to be the most memorable one of 2017. So, the player registered his debut hit ever. Fighting against the Atlanta Braves, Stroman also made high stats and led the franchise to an 8-0 victory. By the end of the season 2017, he had scored 15 wins, 170 strikeouts, and 4.02 ERA.

    The season 2018-2019 was the last one with the Jays for Stroman. He started the year making low stats.

    In May, he was ruled out for a month because of shoulder trauma. As for his results during the season, Stroman closed the year with a 5-10 record and a 4.43 ERA. He started 20 matches.

    New York Mets

    In summer 2019 he was traded to the New York Mets. According to come sources, the sportsman is going to become a free agent soon.

    International career

    In 2017 the sportsman presented his motherland playing in the International Baseball Classic. He was used as a starter three times. In sum, he registered a 3.01 ERA. Playing against Puerto Rico, Marcus scored high stats bringing his squad a victory.

    Personal life

    As for the player’s private life, it is unknown if Stroman has an affair nowadays.

    The sportsman has lots of tattoos all over his body. Some of them are dedicated to his grandmother – the woman had always supported the sportsman until passing away. According to Marcus’ admissions, she visited almost every one of his matches and was the only one who believed in his dreams. Interestingly, he has changed No. on his jersey to commemorate the woman – nowadays he is performing under No. 6 on his sports clothes.

    Marcus Stroman tattoo
    Marcus Stroman tattoo

    Stroman’s net worth is evaluated at $1.5 million. He has earned this huge amount of money for signing endorsement deals and taking part in matches.

    Awards and nominations

    • All-Star
    • Gold Glove Award

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