Mike Vrabel

photo Mike Vrabel
Name: Mike Vrabel ( Michael George Vrabel )
Born: August 14, 1975
Age: 48 years old
Birthplace: Akron, Ohio
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inches
Occupation: football coach
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    Mike Vrabel: biography

    In 2011 Vrabel, a former experienced footballer, changed course of his life and started serving as a trainer, not a player. Has he succeeded in this new field of acting? What ordeals has he met in his career? Read all these facts below!

    Childhood and youth

    Mike Vrabel’s birthplace is Ohio. He was raised in a middle-class family. Vrabel showed inclinations towards sport from the very infancy and began playing football as a teenager.

    While at school, his trainers noticed Vrabel’s interest in this kind of sport. He differed from his teammates by unusual style of playing which brought him high results.

    Mike Vrabel
    Mike Vrabel

    Having enrolled at a college, the sportsman joined its students’ team. Speaking about his stats, he made 13 quarterback sacks in his second year and 10 in his last year at university. In sum, Vrabel registered 37 sacks and 59 tackles in his whole career with college.

    Football playing career

    After completing his university education, the sportsman took part in the draft in 1997 where was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers alongside Tom Brady. In his debut year, Vrabel helped the squad advance to the playoffs and led it to an 8-7 victory. As for the year 1998, Vrabel registered 13 tackles and 3.0 sacks. The following year brought him 16 tackles and two sacks.

    Mike Vrabel playing career
    Mike Vrabel playing career

    In 2001 Vrabel became an official free agent and concluded a contract with the New England Patriots Taking part in every match, Vrabel started 13 of them. That season was closed with 11 receptions and one touchdown. He was a leader amongst his teammates, recording the highest number of receptions.

    As for most recent years of Vrabel’s career, he took part in the memorable fight against the Washington Redskins in 2007 registering four fumbles, four sacks, and two touchdowns.

    In 2009 the sportsman started performing for the Kansas City Chiefs.


    Having retired from football, Mike Vrabel was hired by a university located in Ohio as its head coach.

    In 2014 he started working with the Houston Texans (where Deshaun Watson is playing) as a trainer. Two years later he was invited to serve for the San Francisco 49ers, but Vrabel turned it down.

    Mike Vrabel coaching career
    Mike Vrabel coaching career

    In 2018 the news appeared Mike Vrabel had left the Texans and been hired as a trainer of the Tennessee Titans (where Derrick Henry is playing) alongside Bill Belichick. His first successful match with a new team was held in September – the Titans defeated the Texans with a 21-18 score. The following match against the Philadelphia Eagles also brought the Titans victory. Later, his squad faced and feat the New England Patriots with a 35-9 victory. Unfortunately, the Texans missed the playoffs closing the season with a record of 10-8.

    According to the site DeadSpin, Mike Vrabel’s net worth is evaluated at $3 million. As for his annual salary, he earned $1 million per year.

    Personal life

    As for Mike’s relationship, he has a wife Jennifer – they are parents of two songs. Apart from sport, Mike Vrabel is involved in charity work – he is an owner of a specialized organization aimed to make people aware of global environmental problems.

    Mike Vrabel and his family
    Mike Vrabel and his family

    Besides, he has had law problems. So, at the beginning of 2011, Vrabel was blamed for theft at a local casino.

    Achievements and awards

    • Super Bowl champion
    • First-team All-Pro
    • AFC champion

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