Ric Ocasek

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Name: Ric Ocasek ( Richard Theodore Otcasek )
Born: March 23, 1944
Age: 75 years old
Died: September 15, 2019
Birthplace: Baltimore, USA
Height: 6 Feet 5 Inches
Occupation: singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, painter
Relationship Status: married
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    Ric Ocasek: biography

    The bright new wave singer, musician, and writer had a long musical career as a leading member of the famous rock band. His multitalented nature let him form an impressive legacy, while his music had much influence on the following generations.

    Childhood and youth

    The boy started to sing at the age of five when his grandmother forced him to do it. She was the first person who acquainted him with music. When he was ten, the granny gifted the boy his first guitar. He attended the guitar lessons for three months and finally dropped it.

    Ric Ocasek in youth
    Ric Ocasek in youth

    He was born in Maryland. Later his family moved to Cleveland. Rick successfully graduated from high school but left the university due to pursuing the career of a musician. The singer confessed that education proved to be not his cup of tea. The only thing which seemed to be close to him was writing. When he wrote his first poems, he considered that it would be good to form the band. Sometimes he organized the groups to listen to his songs. “If a person couldn’t play that well, there’d be fewer outside ideas to incorporate.” His path to success as a singer of the band started at the age of 16 when he made his first steps as a singer.

    Music career

    The 16-year-old Rick demonstrated burning desire to make music and sing in the band, in the 70s he started one of the brightest and diverse music careers which was closely connected to the job of his old friend and bandmember Ben Orzechowski. The friends wrote songs and led local bands; they both released the first album, which was a total failure. But this failure didn’t stop them, and the young men continued to make music. They both decided to change their last names. Rick removed the letter “T” in his surname while Ben shortened it to Orr. Ben and Rick made a successful career as a member of the famous band in the 70s.

    Ric Ocasek and Ben Orzechowski
    Ric Ocasek and Ben Orzechowski

    His music career includes years of working as a leader of the band and his releasing his solo albums. It seems that his solo career allowed him to do something more experimental; he didn’t need to prove the fan’s expectations and did what he liked. The singer played all instruments in some tracks in his albums. In 2005 he released his last album, which had positive critical reviews.

    When the band broke up, Rick left the spotlight and some years later released his other album. But all his records had disappointing sales, especially compared with his success as the bandmember.

    He produced the first album of the group Weezer. Rick also worked as a vice president of the big and famous recording company, Elektra. Besides, he got several supporting roles in movies, Made in Heaven among them.

    His trademark became dark sunglasses, besides Rick has a bright appearance thanks to his towering height and slender frame, especially in his young age. Besides his career in the band and solo career Rick was a producer. As a result of log and extremely prolific career he earned a huge fortune, his net worth is about $80 million.

    As a member of The Cars

    After ten years of work and performance in local bars, the success finally came to the singer. He became the leader of the new wave band, who worked with the legendary producer. Their first album brought them immediate success. The second album was released in 1979 and allowed to strengthen the reputation of the band. The band toured across the country and worked at different projects.

    The Cars band
    The Cars band

    But misunderstanding between band members made them think about solo careers. They took a break and tried to make their solo music. Then the group reunited and recorded its best album according to critical reviews in 1984. This album became platinum and gifted fans one of the best songs of the group. The band members enjoyed superstardom. In 1987 the band released the most miserable album, as a result, decided to split. The band members took off again and in 1988 announced about their breakup.

    In 2011 they released the last album and began tour across the country and Canada.

    After the tour in 2011, the group kept silent for twelve years. The singer confessed that he hated to go on trips and wouldn’t like to do it again. When other band members decided to reunite, he gave okay, as a result, the group The New Cars appeared.

    Personal life

    The musician had six kids. He was married three times; each marriage gifted him, two children. His multitalented nature let him release his book of poems, make drawings, photo collages, and media art-works. The singer had a strained relationship with Ben Orr; there was much jealousy between them because Rick always had more public attention and wrote songs for the band. Rick’s ethnic background is Czech.

    Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova
    Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova


    In 2019 he died at the age of 75 in his New York appartment. The official cause of death is heart desease. As it reports, his wife separated from him, but she and her children were with him on the day of his death. Paulina Porizkova posted on Instagram that she brought him coffee and found that the singer peacefully passed on in the night. A lot of celebrities, rock musicians and actors tweeted their condolences.


    • 1982 Beatitude (1982)
    • 1986 This Side of Paradise
    • 1991 Fireball Zone
    • 1993 Quick Change World
    • 1993 Negative Theater
    • 1997 Troublizing
    • 2005 Nexterday.

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