Hunter Biden

photo Hunter Biden
Name: Hunter Biden ( Robert Hunter Biden )
Born: February 04, 1970
Age: 53 years old
Birthplace: Wilmington, USA
Height: 6 Feet
Occupation: laywer
Tags: lawyer
Relationship Status: married
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    Hunter Biden: biography

    The American lawyer and lobbyist gained international notoriety due to his involvement in political scandals. His career often raised the brow as somehow it was often connected with his father’s political activity.

    Childhood and youth

    His childhood was deemed by the car accident, which took the lives of his mother and younger sister. He and his brother were severely injured. Their father was sworn into office in the hospital, where two brothers passed the medical treatment after the car crash.

    Joe Biden and his son Hunter
    Joe Biden and his son Hunter

    He and his brother encouraged their father to marry again, and in 1977 the boys gained a step-mother.

    In 1981 their half-sister was born. As to education, in 1992 he graduated from the university with a bachelor’s degree in history, and then he also graduated from the school of law at Yale. Unlike his teetotaler father, Hunter smoke and occasionally used cocaine.

    Bohai Harvest

    Having worked as a lawyer, a lobbyist, and later as co-founder, his career has always intercepted with the job of his father, the former vice president. He followed his dad’s footsteps and became a public figure pursuing the career of politics. From the very beginning, his career emerged conflict-of-interest questions.

    Hunter Biden
    Hunter Biden

    During 13 years, the lawyer served for the significant bank holding company, which was the major contributor to the political campaign of his father. He left this position as he told him he didn’t like the stiff corporate culture. In 1998 he was appointed to the department by Clinton’s administration and served as a director in the Department of Commerce. This time he moved to Washington, where he tried to play the role of D.C. player.

    But later, he confessed that his salary barely covered the expenses. From 2001 to 2008, he worked as a lobbyist; when Obama became the president, he decided to retire. Then he tried to launch several business efforts. In 2008 he began a consulting firm, through his business interests he established connections with Russia and China. In 2013 the lawyer became a co-founder of the private investment fund. The main business of the company was concluded in investing Chinese capital in companies outside China.

    Burisma Holdings

    He became a board member of the largest natural gas producer in Ukraine in 2014. He worked on the company till April 2019. His salary on this position was $50,000 per month; he had earned a net worth of about $3 million in this position. Taking into account the tensed relationships between Russia and the USA, Hunter’s work with the energy giant was considered as a blatant conflict of interest. But all his family rejected it, highlighting that Hunter is a private citizen, and his activity didn’t represent the government’s views and interests.

    Hunter Biden & Burisma Board
    Hunter Biden & Burisma Board

    The middle son of the vice president found himself in the center of the major political scandal in recent years. The principal founder of the company was blamed for tax evasion and money laundering five years later. In 2019 Trump blamed Hunter in wrongdoing and illegal earning millions. In May, officials reported that Hunter wasn’t involved in any illegal schemes and was cleared of any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, there had been an active investigation into Hunter. As the president used pressure at the Ukranian government to investigate the Bidens, the house of democrats launched an inquiry of impeachment.

    U.S. Navy Reserve

    In 2012 he took the post in the American military. But he had worked as a direct commission officer no longer. He was tested on the usage of drugs, and the test was positive. As a result, he was discharged no less than two years. He tried to explain this case as the usage of cocaine by mistake, but decided not to appeal the matter as it was unlikely that the officials would believe his explanations. Hunter said that it was a good experience for him, and with respect he moved forward.

    Personal life

    His relationships often became the themes of discussions and remained in the headlines. In 1993 he married, he and his wife have got three children.

    Hunter Biden's family
    Hunter Biden's family

    But the couple separated and soon divorced. He dated the widow of his brother, but their relationship ended at the beginning of 2019. In the candid interview, he confessed that he and his brother’s widow spent much together sharing particular grief, and one year later, they had become a couple. His brother, Beau Biden, who survived in the automobile crash with him, died from brain cancer. In May 2019, the lawyer married the moviemaker. Despite he gained a good fortune, his salary is covered and there is no precise information about his net worth.

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