Robert Durst

photo Robert Durst
Name: Robert Durst ( Robert Alan Durst )
Born: April 12, 1943
Age: 80 years old
Birthplace: New York City, USA
Occupation: real estate heir
Relationship Status: married
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    Robert Durst: biography

    His story is mysterious and morbid. Meanwhile, the trial and survey have been continued till our days. He is the heir of the oldest family business. For years he was involved in the mysterious disappearance and murders, investigations of which is continuing. He came across so many lawsuits that his story was called a real legal saga. This biography is full of controversies that were born after the long-lasted investigation. The media found several motives, as well as discovered the connection with his big family, who could cover his first crime from were all story began.

    Childhood and youth

    He was born in a flourishing family. His grandfather formed a real estate company in 1927.

    Robert Durst
    Robert Durst

    He hasn't a comforting childhood. At the age of ten, he was diagnosed by the psychiatrist as a child with personality decomposition. When he was seven, he lost his mother. At high school, the boy was a loner.


    The young man wanted to go in his father's steps. Nevertheless, the business was inherited by his brother, though he was the oldest child, due to numerous disagreements. He worked for his family business for years. His salary reached $2 million per year.

    The Durst Dynasty's Rise
    The Durst Dynasty's Rise


    Besides three critical cases in which he was involved, for sure, the policemen examined connections between the real estate manager and other murders and disappearances.

    According to numerous allegations, as a husband, he was severe and violent. When his wife was disappeared, he claimed that he hadn't been involved. There still have remained many questions. The family of the despaired woman believes that she was killed; her mother tried to sue Robert. The survey was reopened in 1999 but hadn't dropped the light.

    Robert Durst pleads not guilty to Susan Berman murder
    Robert Durst pleads not guilty to Susan Berman murder

    Since the tragic vanish of his wife, the real estate developer continued his work. His long-term friend, who helped him to prove his alibi, was found killed in New York a year later.

    Robert came to the city the day before her murder. He refused to be questioned about this case.

    The Lost Wife of Robert Durst'
    The Lost Wife of Robert Durst

    In 2003 he was in the court for the murder of his neighbor. He employed the attorney who claimed it as self-defense. Besides, the psychiatrist worked with him, who stated that he has symptoms of developmental disorder. Robert claimed that the neighbor warned him with the gun, they struggled, and the weapon was shot his neighbor's face. As the head of the victim hadn't been found, Robert was acquitted. However, in 2004, he was prisoned for three years as a result of the plea bargain. He was set free in 2006.

    Legal proceedings

    During his life, he was several times arrested and sued. First of all, he was charged for wearing gun power. He also appeared on the hearing of the killed woman, which was directly connected with him. In 2015 the new documentary had appeared that dropped new light for several investigations. During a six-part episode, Robert took part in numerous interviews. The TV series ended with the words when he was coming to the bathroom and talking to himself.

    He said "There it is. You're caught! .... You're right, of course. But you can't imagine. ... Arrest him ... I don't know what's in the house ... Oh, I want this ... What a disaster ... He was right. I was wrong. And the burping ..". In the end, he pronounced that he killed them all.

    The movie "All Good Things" was inspired by his story, and when he was questioned about his feelings about the movie, he said that he felt that the movie would be pretty much close to what happened indeed.

    He was arrested before the final episode was released on the screen. He denied his guilty thanks to the skilled attorneys. In 2019 the real estate manager faced a new lawsuit. Media reports that there is overwhelming evidence of his guilt, among them his cruel behavior to his wife. Besides, it is known that she threatened to divorce. Moreover, his sensational statements in recent years also told for themselves.

    Personal life

    As it is reported, he had a strange and very lonely life. He traveled over the years and used other identities. During his first marriage, he had a love affair with the other woman. He had numerous medical issues last decade. The officers found the significant number of drugs at his place.

    Robert Durst's wife
    Robert Durst's wife

    After the tragical departure of his wife, the heir of the estate company decided to divorce. However, the real estate manager chose to tie the knot again in the 2000s. The heir and his current hadn't warm relationships and never lived together. Nevertheless, he gave her a good fortune, and the couple counted as still married.

    At present, Robert's net worth is estimated at $65 million.

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