Joe Girardi

photo Joe Girardi
Name: Joe Girardi ( Joseph Elliott Girardi )
Born: October 14, 1964
Age: 58 years old
Birthplace: Peoria, Illinois, USA
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Occupation: baseball player, manager, coach
Relationship Status: married
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    Joe Girardi: biography

    He is the fourth child in the family of air force veteran. During school years, he was coached by his father to play basketball. During his college period, the young man playing football in the position of quarterback. He also played for the baseball team as a catcher. His ethnicity is Italian. He attended the university for four years, those times he continued to play for the university team. Thanks to his impressive statistic, he established himself as a prospective athlete. He graduated from university in 1986.

    Joe Girardi
    Joe Girardi

    Playing career

    He played in Chicago and spent four years as a member of the Cubs. He proved to be a skilled and vital element of his team. In 1993 he was left by the team and was chosen by the Colorado Rookies. After two years, he came into the other team as a result of an exchange bargain between two groups. That year he became a real star with impressive achievements. That fact allowed him to give breath in his career after returning to the Cubs. In 2002 he was asked to talk with the people in his hometown after canceling the match due to the death of the pitcher from the rivalry team. His emotional speech, tears, and sincerity had attracted and touched many people at that time.

    Joe Girardi, playing career
    Joe Girardi, playing career

    In 2003 he played for the Cardinals; his statistics became worse and at the end of the season, announced his retirement.

    Broadcasting and coaching career

    He tried himself as a host after retirement. In the very beginning, he became a commentator with a minor role. Later he gained positive reviews. As a result, the athlete was offered to play a more significant role in the YES Network. However, the athlete refused as he had accepted offers from the Florida Marlins to work for the team as a bench coach.

    Later he was eager to mix his coaching and broadcasting careers. Thus he hosted the show for kids in 2005. He also worked as a broadcaster in 2006. In 2007 he was a Yankees analyst and co-host of the show Behind the Plate. In 2018 he worked for the other American channel as an analyst.


    Hia managerial work was somewhat successful, but he was almost fired in the very beginning due to arguments with the club’s owner. He was fired in 2006, even though he has honored the title the Manager of the Year. Though he has functional perspectives, the significant teams preferred to stay with veteran managers and didn’t invite Joe for work. That’s why he decided to return to broadcasting. Despite his abrupt firing, he was honored by several awards.

    Joe Girardi manager of the Phillies
    Joe Girardi manager of the Phillies

    Nevertheless, in 2007, he was offered to work for the Orioles. He held this position for nine years. On the 24th of October, 2019, he became a manager of the Phillies. This news makes sad the fanbase of the Mets as he was in the list of the next team’s possible Manager. He signed the contract for 2023. His salary is about $2,5 million.

    Personal life

    He remains in an excellent shape thanks to his goof genetics; besides, he is known as a great-eater. The media reports that the Manager doesn’t keep a special diet and can eat everything that he wants without paying for it. His impressive net worth is estimated at $15 million.

    Joe Girardi's family
    Joe Girardi's family

    He and his wife reside in New York. The couple has got three children. He is a devout Christian. In 2009 he put his life at risk trying to help the driver who was involved in the severe car crash. His mother passed away when he was a student, and his 81-year-old father died in 2012.

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