Stephen Miller

photo Stephen Miller
Name: Stephen Miller ( Stephen Miller )
Born: August 23, 1985
Age: 38 years old
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Occupation: politician
Relationship Status: single
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  • Net worth: $250 000
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    Stephen Miller: biography

    He is a current policy advisor on the president’s administration. His political figure is regarded as very influential, as well as controversial. His zero tolerant views and activities hadn’t added him popularity and gratitude from the general people.

    Childhood and youth

    His parents are Jewish. They fled from Belarus, trying to avoid persecution. His family was liberal. Nevertheless, Stephen formed his own conservative views at his early age.

    He was born in Santa Monica in 1985. Since childhood, he was a dynamic personality with an inquiry mind. When he was 16, he had already formed his political views. The 16-years-old Stephen wrote the letter to the editor to express his anti-war attitude after tragedy 9/11. According to the letter, Stephen welcomed Osama Bin Laden.

    Young Stephen Miller
    Young Stephen Miller

    He also attracted attention when the young activist steeped out to defense lacrosse players who were falsely accused of rape.

    Soon he became a constant quest on the talk radio shows. In 2017 during his student’s government speech, the young man stated that students shouldn’t pick up their trash because this was a job of janitors who got money for picking up the dumpster.

    In 2007 he graduated from the university with a degree in political science.


    His post-college career Stephen started as a press secretary of the well-known politician. Besides, he worked with white nationalist Richard Spencer, who stated that he mentored Stephen. However, Stephen denied that fact, underlining that he just help to raise money for the immigration debate.

    The 33-years-old advisor established a controversial reputation as he supports the “zero-tolerance policy.” Nevertheless, he is one of the most influential political figures in the current president’s administration.

    Trump administration

    In 2016 he joined the president’s administration and became the leading force in the so-called “zero-tolerance policy.” As a result, his political activity is widely criticized. Thus, senator Lindsey Graham said that as long as Stephen was working on the questions of immigration, the country went nowhere.

    Stephen Miller
    Stephen Miller

    As a senior policy adviser, he helped to write the most significant speeches and spoke himself. He is regarded as the foremost politician who stays behind the controversial immigration policy, which separates children from their families on the southern border.

    Stephen often appears on talk shows defending the positions of the president’s a demonstration. Thus in 2017, he was involved in the debate with Jim Acosta. The policy advisor and the reporter had a heated exchange concerning immigrant’s question.

    Personal life

    His net worth is $250,000, while his annual salary is $179,000. It is rumored that the advisor is dating Katie Waldman. Due to his controversial reputation, the media called him “outlier.” Sometimes his view is very close to racist, which raised eyebrows even of conservative Republicans. He is not active on social networks, and he subscribed only to 55 accounts on Twitter.

    Stephen Miller with Katie Waldman
    Stephen Miller with Katie Waldman

    Despite the vivid social and political position, Stephen hadn’t found friends in his college years. According to the reporter’s investigations, he was isolated, and his classmates regarded him as a strange and difficult young man.

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