Jim Jordan

Name: Jim Jordan ( James Daniel Jordan )
Born: February 17, 1964
Age: 59 years old
Height: 6 Feet
Occupation: U.S. Representative
Relationship Status: married
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  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Net worth: $2 000 000
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    Jim Jordan: biography

    He is an American political figure who represents the Republican party. Jim proved to be a very skillful politician and made a successful career.

    Childhood and youth

    Since childhood, the politician was in good shape. He was good at studying as well as a gym. Jim gained amazing achievements in wrestling. Thus he won the Olympic gold medal, and also he was a four-time world champion.

    Jim Jordan meeting with Mary Buehler
    Jim Jordan meeting with Mary Buehler

    The American Republican was born in Ohio. He has a brother. As to education, he attended several universities, among them Ohio State University and Capital University Law School. His highest qualification is Juris Doctor.

    After graduation, he started the career of the wrestling coach. He devoted coaching eight years.

    Jim Jordan with Anna Neu
    Jim Jordan with Anna Neu

    Political career

    In the 2000s, he overheld victory in the elections and gained the seat in the Senate. He successfully managed with his duties and several years later got a significant promotion. In 2007 he became a Representative from Ohio. In 2018 he started to run for the House Speaker position. Besides, he works as a founding member of House Freedom Caucus. He began to consolidate support for staunchly conservative policies and more conservative legislation.

    Jim is one of the most conservative members of Congress. He voted for pro-life legislation. Jim was one of those who expressed displeasure with House bills, he voted against the Republican party leadership. In 2018 he was asked whether he heard the president's lie. He answered that he never heard it, and he didn't know that said something wrong that Trump needed to apologize.

    Jim Jordan with Dr. Alveda King
    Jim Jordan with Dr. Alveda King

    Criticism and controversies

    The politician is widely criticized. He is one of the most conservative members, besides Jim supports Trump's decisions. Thus, he was one of few politicians against a bipartisan resolution that passed the House 354-60 condemning President Donald Trump's unilateral withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Syria.

    In October, in 2019, he supported disruption of the hearing when the members of the Select Committee planned to take testimony from Laura Cooper. As a result, he came under scrutiny. The former speaker John Boehner called him an asshole. He also called Jordan a "legislative terrorist."

    Jim Jordan
    Jim Jordan

    During his coaching career, he was also blamed. Many athletes accused a team physician in sexual abuse. Jordan was blamed as he didn't anything and stood aside. Later he said that he knew nothing.

    He became the center of discussion on the Internet. His attempts to support Trump is called the mindless shilling.

    Jim Jordan
    Jim Jordan

    Personal life

    His net worth is about $2 million. His favorite food is continental cuisine. In his free time, the politician prefers to read literature. He enjoys artwork and theatre work. He also enjoys traveling, especially visiting Paris. Jim also likes American movies, his favorite actress is Angelina Jolie, and the singer is Elvis Presley.

    The politician is married to Polly Jordan. He has got four children, two sons, and two daughters. He is a Christian. The politician is active on social networks. He has accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

    Jim Jordan with his wife Polly
    Jim Jordan with his wife Polly

    Political campaigns

    • 2008 - defeated Mike Carroll
    • 2010 - defeated Doug Litt and Donald Kissick
    • 2012 - defeated Jim Slone and Chris Kalla
    • 2014 - defeated Janet Garrett
    • 2016 - defeated Janet Garrett
    • 2018 - defeated Janet Garrett.

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