Tanya Tucker

Name: Tanya Tucker ( Tanya Denise Tucker )
Born: October 10, 1958
Age: 65 years old
Birthplace: Seminole, Texas, U.S.
Height: 170 Feet
Occupation: songwriter, singer, musician
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  • Horoscope: Libra
  • Net worth: $60 000 000
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Jesse "Beau"
  • Mothers name: Juanita Tucker
  • Hair color: Blondy
  • Eye color: blue
  • Match marriage: single
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    Tanya Tucker: biography

    She is a country singer with a bright talent and wide-spread recognition. Even though her career has begun in the 70s and it had undergone some radical changes, she still is identified as an outlaw musician. She is one of those musicians, who preferred to combine country and rock style with the help of the voice.

    Childhood and youth

    She was born into a prominent family as the youngest of four children. Her father always looked for better work, that's why her family often moved. One of her family's passions was country music. They listen to the country radio station and attended concerts by the country singers. Tanya's sister was a gifted kid. She became a singer when Tanya was a little girl. At the age of 8, Tanya decided to become a singer too.

    In her teens, Tanya looked for the possibilities to unleash her potential. She was finally spotted by producers and sang with Mel Tillis. She impressed musicians with her talent and steadily gathered necessary stage experience performing on local scenes.

    Country music career

    In the 70s, she became a teen country star after releasing the song "Delta Dawn," which became a real hit. At the beginning of the 80s, she came across sales decline. Her music wasn't played on the radio, and new songs weren't included in the tops. That was a time of Tanya's personal battle. Experiencing a breakup, it was a time of testifying.

    Nevertheless, the singer continued to do what she loved – sing. The success and the public's recognition was steadily coming back. In 1986 her song "One Love at a Time" peaked the charts. Her music style was more u-tempo and pop-up, but those changes allowed her to return popularity.

    She released many albums and received prestigious awards and nominations for her contribution to country music. The singer is known as one of the outlaw performers. That subgenre formed in the 70s, it represents a mixture of rock and country music. Tanya has got a spirit of Independence; her biggest hits are a combination of country and rock music into her voice.

    Besides her singing career, Tanya also appeared on the Tv screen as a star of her reality show. Besides, she was a judge on a "Dance fever." In 2020 at the age of 61, the singer received her first two Grammy awards. She and Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile performed one of Tanya’s best songs on the stage of Grammy.

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    Personal life

    The singer has never tied the knots, but she is a mother of three kids. The singer was involved in multiple romantic relationships. Her boyfriends often were celebrities. Thus she had dated Don Johnson and Andy Gibb. She had a long-term relationship with the actor Ben Reed. She has a daughter and a son with him.

    Moreover, she had an on-and-off relationship with the musician Jerry Laseter. They were engaged twice. In 1999 the couple was going to marry. However, the singer canceled the wedding when she found her pregnancy. Tanya stated that she didn't want to walk down the aisle, pregnant. She gave breath to her younger daughter.

    For her turbulent private life, the singer hasn’t been married. However, in 2019 she met a man, Craig Dillingham. In the interview, the singer confessed that she was deeply in love.

    The singer has got a sister who is widely known as La Costa. Tanya had two brothers. However, one of them died from pneumonia. In 1997 the musician released her autobiographical book under the name "Nickel Dreams: My Life."

    The demanded singer managed to gather an impressive fortune. Her net worth is estimated at $60 million.

    In 2016 Tanya shared the terrible accident that happened with her. She was going to get a chemical peel on her face and was received third-degree burns due to the stuff’s mistake. She had burns in her lungs too, and that accident had influenced on her voice.

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    • 1972 Delta Dawn
    • 1974 Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)
    • 1986 Girls Like Me
    • 1987 Love Me Like You Used To
    • 1988 Strong Enough to Bend
    • 1990 Tennessee Woman
    • 1991 What Do I Do with Me
    • 1992 Can't Run from Yourself
    • 2009 My Turn
    • 2019 While I'm Livin'.

    Awards and honors

    • For her prosperous career, Tanya won two prestigious accolades. Thus in 2020, she received the award for the best country album ("While I'm Living"). That year she also took the prize for her song "Bring My Flowers Now" as the best country song.
    • Since 1973 Tanya had been repeatedly nominated by the prestigious awards. Thus in 1980, the TNT nominated the singer as "Best Female Rock Vocal Appearance." In 1988-1989 she was a nominee in the category "Best Country Vocal Performance."

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