Tim Ryan

Name: Tim Ryan ( Timothy John Ryan )
Born: July 16, 1973
Age: 50 years old
Birthplace: Ohio, U.S.A
Occupation: politician, democrat, lawyer
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  • Horoscope: Cancer
  • Net worth: $500 000
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Allen Leroy Ryan
  • Mothers name: Rochelle Maria
  • Education: John F. Kennedy High School Youngstown State University Bowling Green State University
  • Hair color: Gray
  • Eye color: blue
  • Match marriage: married
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    Tim Ryan: biography

    The American politician’s path to a presidential campaign started from college, where he studied political science. He can’t stay indifferent and stand aside and dream of rebuilding the American dream. He was elected in Congress when he was 29 and became the youngest democrat serving in Congress.

    Childhood and youth

    Ryan’s parents divorced when he was seven, and he lived with his mother. He graduated from university with bachelors’ degree in political science and also has J.D. in Law. Ryan got significant experience for his future profession studying abroad. He played football and was on his way to play collegiate football but injured his knee and had to forget about the football career.

    Political career

    He is an American representative from Ohio, a member of Ohio State Senate. Tim was 29 when he was elected for serving in Congress.

    There are following critical issues in his politic company: labor/worker rights, education, veteran affairs, economic growth, boosting the middle class. He supports ideas of mindfulness and advocates stronger health support. He proposed to make significant investments in renewable energy and electric vehicles.

    Ryan supports legal access to abortion and stands for the protection of the rights of LGBTQ Americans. The democrat cosponsored legislation to increase grants for recruiting women and minorities to pursue an education in STEM fields.

    Thanks to his campaign, Ryan has gathered about $900,000 in the second quarter in 2019. However, it is significantly lower than the other candidates have raised. As to his chances to beat the current President, the majorities believe that it is unlikely. He has a modest level of name recognition.

    As a supporter of the meditation and mindfulness, he created a space for reflection in Congress where lawmakers and staffers can sit in silence and practice meditation. His net worth is about $500,000 and his salary is $100,000 per year.


    His electoral history started in 2002 when the other candidate was convicted on criminal charges. He defeated Sawyer that year and won the election with 51 percent vote. Later Ryan was reelected in the position five times. In summer 2019 Ryan was on the spot of Media. The congressman was the only one of the ten candidates at the Detroit debate not to place a hand over their heart while singing the national anthem. Many people counted this action as a sign of disrespect. But later Ryan said he did it because of “absent-mindedness,” not as a sign of protest. As a candidate for the presidency, he appeared on various talk shows and took part in debate clash with Bernie Sanders.

    Personal life

    He is married to a schoolteacher and has one son. He adopted two sons of his wife, Andrea Zetts. His spouse proved to be a big supporter of Ryan’s political ambitions. His wife doesn't give interviews but often is spotted by his side with their children.


    He published the book “A Mindful Nation” in 2012, where he shared his experience and thoughts about the practice of mindfulness and meditation. He believes that meditation practice can help democrats to beat Trump.

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