Tori Bowie

Name: Tori Bowie ( Frentorish "Tori" Bowie )
Born: August 27, 1990
Age: 32 years old
Died: May 02, 2023
Birthplace: Mississippi, USA
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation: track and field athlete
Tags: athlete
Relationship Status: was not married
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  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Net worth: $5 000 000
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Dennis Smith
  • Mothers name: Bobbie Dennis Smith
  • Education: Pisgah High School; University of Southern Mississippi
  • Weight: 58.0
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
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    Tori Bowie: biography

    Tori Bowie was an American track and field athlete who specialized in sprinting and long jumping. Bowie was considered one of the top sprinters in the world and had won numerous medals at major international competitions.

    Childhood and youth

    Tori Bowie was born on August 27, 1990, in the small town of Sand Hill, Mississippi. She was the youngest of four siblings and grew up in a family that struggled financially. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she was primarily raised by her mother, who worked long hours to provide for the family.

    Bowie attended Pisgah High School, where she was a standout athlete in both track and field and basketball. She set several state records in the sprints and the long jump, and was named Mississippi's Gatorade Track and Field Athlete of the Year in 2006 and 2007.

    Despite her athletic success, Bowie struggled with a learning disability and was diagnosed with dyslexia. She found it difficult to keep up with her schoolwork and often felt frustrated and discouraged. However, she persevered and graduated from high school in 2009.

    Bowie went on to attend the University of Southern Mississippi, where she continued to excel in both track and field and academics. She earned a degree in business administration and set several school records in the sprints and the long jump.

    Throughout her childhood and youth, Bowie was known for her fierce determination and work ethic. She overcame numerous obstacles to become one of the top sprinters in the world, and her success serves as an inspiration to many.

    Athlete career

    Tori Bowie's professional athletic career began in 2012, when she joined the US Olympic training center in Chula Vista, California. She began competing in international competitions the following year, where she quickly established herself as a top sprinter and long jumper.

    In 2014, Bowie won a bronze medal in the 60-meter dash at the World Indoor Championships in Sopot, Poland. Later that year, she set a personal best time of 10.80 seconds in the 100-meter dash at the US Championships, earning her a spot on the US team for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

    Bowie continued to excel in 2015, winning a silver medal in the 100-meter dash at the World Championships in Beijing, China. She also helped lead the US team to a gold medal in the 4x100 meter relay, setting a new American record in the process.

    Tori Bowie
    Tori Bowie / Instagram

    At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Bowie won her first Olympic gold medal as part of the US 4x100 meter relay team. She also won silver medals in both the 100-meter dash and the 200-meter dash, cementing her status as one of the top sprinters in the world.

    Following the Olympics, Bowie continued to compete at the highest level, setting personal bests in both the 100-meter dash and the long jump. In 2017, she won the gold medal in the 100-meter dash at the World Championships in London, becoming the first American woman to win the event since 2005.

    However, Bowie's success has not come without its share of setbacks. In 2018, she suffered a serious injury during a race in Rome, fracturing her wrist and requiring surgery. Despite the setback, she remained determined to continue competing and worked hard to recover.

    Today, Bowie remains one of the top sprinters in the world and a role model for young athletes around the globe. Her dedication, perseverance, and fierce competitive spirit have helped her overcome numerous obstacles to become one of the most successful track and field athletes of her generation.

    Personal life

    Tori Bowie was a private person, and she kept her private life out of the public eye. However, it’s known that she wasn’t married and didn’t have any children.

    Outside of athletics, Bowie was passionate about fashion and had a keen interest in designing clothing. She had expressed her desire to launch her own fashion line in the future and had even designed some of her own competition outfits.

    Bowie was also involved in charitable work and has supported various causes over the years. She had worked with organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and had also spoken out about the importance of education and the need to provide opportunities for young people to succeed.


    On May 2, 2023, it became known that Bowie had died at her home in Florida. She was 32. There is still no information about the cause of her death.

    Achievements and accomplishments

    • Olympic Gold Medalist in the 4x100 meter relay at the 2016 Rio Olympics
    • Olympic Silver Medalist in the 100 meter dash and 200 meter dash at the 2016 Rio Olympics
    • World Champion in the 100 meter dash at the 2017 World Championships in London
    • World Champion in the 4x100 meter relay at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing
    • Silver Medalist in the 100 meter dash at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing
    • Bronze Medalist in the 60 meter dash at the 2014 World Indoor Championships in Sopot
    • American record holder in the 100 meter dash with a time of 10.72 seconds
    • Personal best of 7.14 meters in the long jump, which ranks her among the top 20 long jumpers in US history
    • Bowie had also won several national titles, including the US Outdoor National Championships in the 100 meter dash in 2017 and the US Indoor National Championships in the 60 meter dash in 2014 and 2016. Her impressive performances had earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the Jesse Owens Award in 2017, which is given annually to the top American male and female track and field athletes.

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