Guillaume Canet

photo Guillaume Canet
Name: Guillaume Canet ( Guillaume Canet )
Born: April 10, 1973
Age: 50 years old
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Occupation: French actor, movie director, and scriptwriter
Relationship Status: in a civil marriage with Marion Cotillard
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    Guillaume Canet: biography

    Today, the name of the French actor Guillaume Canet is known to the movie admirers who with attention observe the development and the novelties of the European cinematography. It’ worth noting that Guillaume hasn’t dreamt about the acting career and has got to this sphere due to the accident.

    Guillaume Canet was born in spring, 1973 in a small town in the suburb of Paris. But the future actor didn’t spend his childhood in Boulogne-Billancourt. He grew up in the countryside, on the horse farm. The boy's father was engaged in this business. Since the early age, his son began to have an interest in horses. He was a great horseman and was planning to become a horse breeder. Young Canet also thought about one more variant of his future: to try his forces as a jockey.

    The actor Guillaume Canet
    The actor Guillaume Canet

    But his plans have been destroyed in a moment when Guillaume fell off the horse. Fortunately, the injury wasn't very serious, and the young man didn't become disabled, but he couldn't become a professional rider. For some time Canet was in depression.

    Once Guillaume Canet learned that the acting courses were enlisting the girls and boys of his age. He has tried his forces. Soon, Canet noticed that he got engaged in his new occupation so much that the guy forgot about his former unrealized dreams connected with the horses.

    Guillaume Canet
    Guillaume Canet

    After the completion of the initial courses, Guillaume Canet has made up his mind to get prepared to the actor’s profession thoroughly. The future star received a job in the workshop of the well-known master François Florent. Under the guidance of this master, the future actor made his first successful steps in his acting career.


    Guillaume Canet began his career on the theatre stage. For the first time, the young artist appeared on the stage of Théâtre Hébertot. He was entrusted with the parts of romantic young men, who were in love and naive, unsophisticated in love affairs. This image became characteristic for Canet both on the stage and in the cinema. It has brought the first glory to the aspiring actor.

    Guillaume Canet had his debut in the movie in 1995. He received the role in the short-length picture under the title Fils Unique. Then he took part in a couple of other pictures before the long-awaited starring role in 1997. The spectators discovered Canet in the thriller Barracuda. Next year there came out the movie En Plein Coeur, which helped Guillaume to enhance his positions in the cinematic Olympus and brought huge success to the actor.

    In 2000, there came out the movie which at once became a cult. This was a picture under the title The Beach directed by Danny Boyle. Guillaume Canet worked on the film set together with the Hollywood stars: Leonardo DiCaprio and incredible Tilda Swinton.

    The same year, the spectators saw Guillaume in the drama Fidelity with the participation of Sophie Marceau.

    One success came after another. The same year, the audience saw the premiere of the sensational detective Vidocq. Canet’s character is a young journalist who was investigating the causes of the famous detective Vidocq’s death. Gérard Depardieu performed the role of Vidocq. The picture was very successful at the spectators and critics.

    It’s worth noting that in 2002 Guillaume Canet began to feel cramped within the actor’s profession. He decided to try his forces in the direction. The movie Whatever You Say became his debut. This picture was warmly met by the audience and the critics. Canet was recognized as a director four years later when he shot one more project Tell No One. For this work, Guillaume got a couple of awards at the same time, among which the Cesar award was the greatest and the most prestigious.

    Love me if you dare became the next movie with the participation of the actor. The movie was highly appreciated at Newport Beach Film Festival.

    During the last ten years, the talented Frenchman successfully develops in his career. The roles in the movies Hunting and Gathering, Last Night, The Players and In the Name of My Daughter became the most famous works of Guillaume. As a director, Canet presented the movie Blood Ties to the spectators and movie critics in 2008. Marion Cotillard took part in this picture.

    Personal life

    The actor and director has gained popularity not only due to the screen works but also thanks to his love affairs. The private life of Guillaume Canet was often discussed in the mass media. The German celebrity Diane Kruger became the first spouse of the actor. But the actors managed to live together only for five years and broke in 2006.

    The couple broke up because of the different creative working schedules. The young people were always apart and saw each other only once a month.

    The mass media stopped discussing the divorce when there appeared new information for the rumors: Guillaume has had a new love affair with the not less well-known person - the French actress Marion Cotillard. They got acquainted during the shootings of the melodrama Love me if you dare. At that time the actor was married, and the actress had hard times in her life. The artists were just friends.

    After the shootings, Guillaume and Marion went their separate ways but continued their communication.

    When the actor divorced Diane, he had love affairs with Carla Bruni, Louise Burgundy, and Élodie Navarre.

    At present Canet and Cotillard live in the actual marriage. In 2011 their firstborn Marcel was born in their family. In 2010, Guillaume gave his beloved woman a ring, but the couple hasn’t officially registered their relations yet.

    In March of 2017, Marion gave birth to the daughter of her beloved man. They called her Louise. Little time before this, there burst out the fuss around the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, in which the journalists involved Cotillard. There was the gossip that the Hollywood sex symbol had left to her. And all this happened because Pitt and Marion Cotillard played together in the movie Allies, where they embodied the married couple.

    As a result, the actress denied this rumors and announced that she was expecting a baby from Canet, and Guillaume hasn’t had any doubts about his beloved woman. He has even published a post on his Instagram, in which he has encouraged people to strive for best, and not to go negative towards the others.

    As well as many artists, the actor leads his official verified Instagram page. He shares his pictures, shots and video cuts from the movies. Moreover, he posts tweets in his official Twitter account.

    Guillaume Canet at present

    In 2017, Guillaume presented his new director's work under the title Rock'n Roll, in which his beloved wife performs in the leading role. Canet himself played the major male character.

    The plot of the movie is based on the married life of Guillaume and Marion. The film tells the story of the actor Guillaume Canet, who turned 43 years old. He is not the same as he has used to be before: the actor takes part in the low-budget series, he lives the ordinary life and people even begin to call the actor Mr. Cotillard. But the worst thing is the fact that Guillaume is not any more attractive for the young women. The actor isn't satisfied with such a situation, and he becomes aware that he needs to change something.

    The producer has employed his friend - rock singer Johnny Holliday in the movie. Moreover, he invited Philippe Lefebvre, Gilles Lellouche, Ben Foster and other actors to take part in his film.

    In summer of 2017, Guillaume took part in the drama Mon garçon which tells the story of the man whose constant employment has ruined his marriage. Once he learns that his son mysteriously missed and the character sets off for the search of his son.

    In 2018 there are expected three movies, in which Guillaume Canet will perform the leading roles: Le grand bain, Doubles vies and L'amour est une fête.


    • 1997 – Barracuda
    • 2000 – The Beach
    • 2000 – Fidelity
    • 2003 – Love me if you dare
    • 2007 – Hunting and Gathering
    • 2008 – Blood Ties
    • 2010 – Last Night
    • 2012 – The Players
    • 2014 – L'homme qu'on aimait trop
    • 2017 – Rock'n Roll
    • 2017 – Mon garçon
    • 2018 – Doubles vies


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