Jennifer Love Hewitt​

photo Jennifer Love Hewitt​
Name: Jennifer Love Hewitt​ ( Jennifer Love Hewitt​ )
Born: February 21, 1979
Age: 44 years old
Birthplace: Waco, USA
Height: 5 Feet 3 Inches
Occupation: actress, singer, writer
Relationship Status: married
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    Jennifer Love Hewitt​: biography

    The future Hollywood star, actress, writer, director and pop singer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, was born in the provincial town of Waco on February 21, 1979. From early childhood, the girl’s craving for creativity stood out her among peers. Jennifer loved music, could sit in front of the TV for hours and listen to familiar songs. At the age of three, she stunned the audience with her pure voice.

    Actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Actress and singer Jennifer Love Hewitt

    At the age of five, she appeared in the first film. Nowadays, Jennifer Love Hewitt is a famous actress who copes with any role. Jennifer’s appearance in a movie makes it attractive for the audience. The girl captivates viewers with outstanding acting talent, a neat figure and impeccable sense of style.

    Early life

    The girl's parents did not work in the art world or show business. Her mother (Patricia Mae Shipp) worked as a speech-language pathologist. The actress's father (Herbert Daniel Hewitt) was a technician. He repaired and sold medical equipment. When Jennifer was six months old, her parents divorced.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her childhood
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her childhood

    Jennifer also had the elder brother. After their parents divorced, their mother raised the children. The woman always doted on the children and provided them with everything they needed.

    At the age of two, Jennifer began to attend private music classes. An experienced teacher taught the girl and developed her musical abilities. It was clear that Jennifer had an ear for music, and in the future, she would become a famous singer.

    At age three, Jennifer, together with her mother, visited the livestock show, which was held in their hometown every year. At the exhibition, the girl performed a song by Whitney Houston. The audience liked the performance and applauded the little singer.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in childhood and adolescence
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in childhood and adolescence

    At the age of five, Jennifer had vocal lessons every day, studied at a local ballet studio. At the age of nine, she joined the Texas Show Team. As a member of the group, Jennifer performed in other countries. At that time, Jennifer won the national title of "Our Little Miss Talent Winner."

    Mother's work brought results. At a young age, the girl had many awards, as well as the experience of performing on the big stage. At the suggestion of talent scouts, Jennifer's mother moved to Los Angeles, which had more opportunities to develop the abilities of the little singer. The mother with the children went to the City of Angels. In Los Angeles, Jennifer attended Lincoln High School.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her childhood
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her childhood

    At school, the girl’s classmate was Jonathan Neville, who later recommended Jennifer for the series. During the casting, the director noticed the talented young actress and agreed with Jonathan. The first series with Jennifer was titled Party of Five.

    The future actress combined studying with shooting and vocal classes. Besides, Jennifer sometimes appeared in commercials. Her talent and ability to play in front of the camera surprised filmmakers and casting directors. Jennifer got almost all the roles she auditioned.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her youth
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in her youth

    In 1989, the girl received a lucrative invitation to participate in the filming of the variety show Kids Incorporated. This Disney Channel’s proposal was a real breakthrough in Jennifer’s acting career.


    The first serious project, where according to critics, Jennifer showed brilliant acting, can be considered Munchie. The movie was shot in 1992.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s figure
    Jennifer Love Hewitt’s figure

    Jennifer’s work in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer is worth mentioning too. It is a horror film that was released in 1997. In this film, Jennifer got the leading role and played it flawlessly. While watching her acting, viewers cannot but admire the actress’s talent. The film was a huge success.

    The participation in the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer made Jennifer one of the most popular and recognizable actresses in America.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the film I Know What You Did Last Summer

    In 1998, the sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer was shot. This film was a great success too. Jennifer as always played the title character.

    At that time, the actress worked in one more comedy project Can't Hardly Wait. In 2001, Jennifer got one of the leading roles in the comedy Heartbreakers.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the film Heartbreakers
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the film Heartbreakers

    The drama film biopic The Audrey Hepburn Story deserves particular attention in Jennifer’s acting career. The movie was released in 2000. Jennifer, as usual, got the title role. She played Audrey Hepburn. The actress tried to convey all characteristics of this great woman. But critics’ reviews about her performance were mixed. Some specialists consider this role to be unsuccessful.

    Not only directors but also famous singers noticed Jennifer's talent. Enrique Iglesias was one of them. The young man invited the actress to appear in a new video for the song "Hero." In 2001, Jennifer accepted Enrique’s offer and starred in the role of his lover.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in a swimsuit
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in a swimsuit

    The cult series Ghost Whisperer has attracted millions of viewers since 2010.

    In 2010, Jennifer played in the series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The actress got the role of a victim of a serial killer.

    In 2011, Jennifer, along with actress Betty White, played in the movie The Lost Valentine.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the TV series Ghost Whisperer
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in the TV series Ghost Whisperer

    The young woman played the daughter of the title character in the second season of Hot in Cleveland. In 2011, Jennifer was invited to shoot in the independent film Jewtopia.

    The actress participated in the filming of Criminal Minds. In the tenth season, she played Kate, who was an FBI employee. The film Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber was successful too. The melodramas with Jennifer have a vast army of fans.

    Personal life

    There are a lot of rumors about the actress’s personal life. Journalists monitored the woman and published photos of the beautiful lady with men. For example, there were gossips that Jennifer had romantic relationships with singer Enrique Iglesias. They believed that when she filmed in Enrique Iglesias’s video, they had a love affair. Cameramen, who shot the video, admitted that the kisses between the young people were real.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt with her husband
    Jennifer Love Hewitt with her husband

    In 2005, the girl dated American actor Ross McCall. After two years of high emotions, the man made her a wedding proposal. Jennifer and Ross officially announced that they were engaged, but they did not have time to set a wedding date. However, the couple soon broke up.

    Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt
    Pregnant Jennifer Love Hewitt

    The actress became a happy wife of actor Brian Hallisay. Young people dated for 20 months. On November 21, 2013, the couple got married. Jennifer and Brian Hallisay tried not to attract the journalists’ attention to the wedding ceremony. They celebrated the secret wedding. The newly wedded couple invited only close relatives. Jennifer and Brian have two small children.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt now

    In 2016, the woman found out that she was pregnant again and decided to quit an acting career. Love Hewitt has left the cinematography forever and devoted her life to children. Jennifer brings up and educates a son and a daughter. The young mother stopped appearing at social events. The meaning of her life is small children. Journalists manage to meet the beautiful woman only in shopping centers, which she actively visits.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt has gained weight after pregnancy
    Jennifer Love Hewitt has gained weight after pregnancy

    In 2017 Jennifer’s photos, while shopping, surprised fans. The woman has changed her way of life and gained ten kilos. No traces remained of her former sexual body.

    Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2017
    Jennifer Love Hewitt in 2017

    Fans write on Instagram that Jennifer has begun to look worse, her figure is not slim. But the actress admits that she likes her appearance after pregnancy and takes the body as it is. Jennifer does not plan to lose weight. Now the actress’s height is 159 centimeters, and the weight is 60 kg. Previously, she weighed only 49 kilograms. The latest news about Jennifer is connected with her figure and the birth of children.

    Interesting facts

    • At birth, the actress got a double-barrelled name. Her younger brother suggested Jennifer’s first name. The boy fell in love with an eight-year-old girl and offered to name his sister after the beautiful lady. The mother gave the second name after her college friend. The mother believed that it would bring her daughter good luck.
    • In March 2005, the actress appeared in Maxim.
    • Despite shooting in TV shows and movies, Jennifer released four albums that have become popular in Japan, as well as in the EU. In America, Jennifer's music was not appreciated so highly as in other countries. The singer’s first album appeared only in Japan. She has become a famous star in this country.
    • In 2014 the actress made her design debut with maternity fashion line. Women have bought costumes, pants, dresses, and T-shirts, designed by Jennifer.
    • Jennifer Love Hewitt had close relations with her mother. After the parents’ divorce, her mother brought up the son and daughter on her own. Patricia Mae Shipp died of cancer. Jennifer found out about the tragedy at the festival in Monaco.
    • Since 2004, Jennifer Love Hewitt has written books. The first book, titled The Day I Shot Cupid, became a bestseller one week after the book launch.


    • 1992 — Love Songs — released in Japan
    • 1995 — Let's Go Bang
    • 1996 — Jennifer Love Hewitt
    • 2002 — BareNaked — #37 USA, #31 Australia
    • 2006 — Cool With You: The Platinum Collection


    • 1993 Little Miss Millions
    • 1996 House Arrest
    • 1997 I Know What You Did Last Summer
    • 1998 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
    • 1999 The Suburbans
    • 2000 The Audrey Hepburn Story
    • 2001 Heartbreakers
    • 2001 The Adventures of Tom Thumb and Thumbelina
    • 2001 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II
    • 2004 If Only
    • 2004 Garfield: The Movie
    • 2004 The Truth About Love
    • 2005 Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber
    • 2005—2010 Ghost Whisperer
    • 2011 The Lost Valentine
    • 2012 Jewtopia
    • 2014—2015 Criminal Minds


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