Lily Collins

photo Lily Collins
Name: Lily Collins ( Lily Collins )
Born: March 18, 1989
Age: 34 years old
Birthplace: Guildford, UK
Height: 5 Feet 5 Inches
Occupation: actress, model
Tags: actress, model
Relationship Status: not married
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  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Net worth: $8 000 000
  • Ethnicity: English and Ashkenazi Jewish
  • Nationality: British-American
  • Hair color: dark brown
  • Eye color: hazel brown
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    Lily Collins: biography

    Lily Collins is a British-American actress and model, the daughter of the British rock-singer Phil Collins. She became famous for her participation in the shooting of the film Mirror Mirror. Now Lily Collins is considered to be one of the most promising film actresses in Hollywood.

    Lily Collins in her childhood
    Lily Collins in her childhood

    Lily Collins was born on 18 March 1989. British rock musician Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman, his second wife, are the parents of this movie star. Phil and Jill met in 1980 and got married four years later. Five years after the wedding, they had their daughter Lily. After twelve years of living together, the parents broke up, and five-year-old Lily went to the United States with her mother.

    The girl spent her childhood in Los Angeles. As a child, Collins attended acting classes at the Academy of dramatic art, participated in performances of the local theater, but dreamed of journalism.

    At the age of 15, Lily already had a column in the Elle Girl magazine. The girl found the phone of the chief editor and called until the secretary would put her through. Lily Collins wrote articles for other teenage magazines as well, and even for the Los Angeles Times.

    Actress Lily Collins
    Actress Lily Collins

    She graduated from an elite school at Harvard and entered the University of Southern California, where she studied journalism. The actress claims that she has never used the connections of her famous father. Lily began her journalistic career on the Nickelodeon channel as a reporter. At the age of 17, Lily already interviewed celebrities.

    Lily Collins speaks warmly about that period of life, says that her interviewees were pleasant and tactful, willingly answered questions, so the interview turned out to be interesting.

    Modeling career

    The start of modeling career for Collins was casting, organized by Chanel fashion house Lily was selected from hundreds of contenders for the fashion show of branded dresses at the Debutants' Ball-2007. The show took place in a prestigious hotel in Paris and was broadcast on television in the reality show The Hills.

    Lily Collins
    Lily Collins

    In 2009, the popular in Spain and Europe Glamour glossy magazine named Lily Collins the best model in the world, and the photo of the girl appeared on the cover of the magazine. A year before the event, the young model received the prestigious Young Hollywood Award – the actress became the winner of the category Young Hollywood Newcomer of the Year.


    Lily first participated in the shooting of a movie when she was two years old, appearing in the BBC series Growing Pains. In 2008, Collins played a cameo role of schoolgirl Phoebe in the series 90210. The American public fell in love with this series.

    The following year, the girl starred with Sandra Bullock. Collins played her daughter in the cult film The Blind Side. This experience was successful; critics praised Lily's acting.

    Then there were two years of standstill. Lily auditioned for roles in the motion pictures Juno, Twilight, and The Kids Are Alright, but the actress could not get a part. These failures, according to the actress, made her stronger.

    Collins got lucky in the year 2010 when Lily got an invitation to star in the action movie Abduction. Lily Collins' partner on the set was Taylor Lautner. Lily Collins recalled how she had to jump from a large hill on the set without any training. She managed to hit the target. In the fighting scenes, the actress would often hit the cameras because the shooting took place in a small confined space. The director demanded that the actors work extremely hard and act as if it was real life.

    In 2012, there was another significant work - the leading role in the motion picture Mirror Mirror. Lily Collins played Snow White in this movie. This film was called the best in the filmography of the actress. In the same year, Lily Collins was approved for the leading role in the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. This movie with a fantastic plot marked a new stage in her career. The audience and film critics started comparing Lily Collins with Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Lopez, and Kristen Stewart.

    Love, Rosie is another motion picture of the actress. In this motion picture, Collins appeared in the role of a girl who had to face challenging life circumstances and become mature sadly quickly. This film is a beautiful story about all-conquering love. The central role in the film also went to the British actor Sam Claflin.

    Personal life

    There is no firm ground in Lily Collins' personal life yet. On the set of the film Abduction, she met actor Taylor Lautner, and there was so much chemistry between them that they started dating immediately. The actress says that falling in love was not in her plans, mainly because at the time, she was dating a stuntman, but the heart wants what it wants. This relationship lasted almost a year – Lily often appeared in the company of Taylor. The couple keeps the reasons for their break up a secret.

    Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner
    Lily Collins and Taylor Lautner

    After the love affair with Lautner, the actress got into a short relationship with the actor Chord Overstreet, then journalists saw her in the company of Zac Efron and Chris Evans. Also, some journalists from the British press reported that the actor Jake Gyllenhaal is now her boyfriend, but the movie stars did not officially confirm this information.

    Lily Collins and Jake Gyllenhaal
    Lily Collins and Jake Gyllenhaal

    On the set of the film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Collins started going out with Jamie Campbell Bower, her partner on this movie. In August 2013, the couple announced that they decided to break up. After two years, Lily told fans that she was dating Bower again, but the relationship lasted only a couple of months. Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about Lily Collins and Noah Centineo's assumed relationship, but the stars haven't confirmed nor denied the gossip about them.

    The actress devotes her free time to her hobbies and travels. Lily Collins' dream is to play together with Meryl Streep.

    Lily Collins is still interested in journalism; she writes articles for magazines and maintains her own blog. The actress is fond of photography and dreams of becoming a director in the future.

    Lily Collins on a photo shoot
    Lily Collins on a photo shoot

    The celebrity keeps herself in good shape. Many admire the appearance of the movie star, noting Lily Collins' beautiful thick eyebrows. Often because of this feature, Lily Collins is compared with the top British model Cara Delevingne.

    Collins also keeps a diet of proper nutrition, eats a lot of vegetables and fruits, preferring meat without fat and seafood.

    Lily Collins enjoys doing sports. She spends a lot of time running and swimming. Commenting on the bikini photos of Lily Collins on her Instagram page, fans note that hot Collins has lost a lot of weight for To the Bone movie, improving her physical shape (Lily's height is 5 feet 41 inches, and she weighs 110 pounds), and got short hair that suits her perfectly.

    Lily Collins now

    Lily Collins has a net worth of $8 million. Now the actress continues to participate in the shooting of various movies. The films Okja and To the Bone are the last works of Lily Collins, presented in 2017.

    Having played the leading role in the film To the Bone, Lily Collins shared her impressions and also told that when she had an eating disorder, she considered her body healthy and ideal, but today she understands what it means to live without pain.

    The movie To the Bone tells the story of the artist Ellen, who suffers from anorexia. Emotional devastation led the film's character to physical exhaustion. Ellen is treated by a doctor whose role was played by Keanu Reeves. Lilly Collins' transformation for To the Bone film was shocking for everyone.

    In an interview with Shape magazine, Collins noted that she had similar life experience, so the role of Ellen was especially dramatic for the actress personally. According to Lily, she could relate to Ellen's problems, because in adolescence, Lily Collins herself had experienced anorexia.

    Actress Lily Collins
    Actress Lily Collins

    Her recently published book, Unfiltered, in which Lily Collins shows everyone her naked soul, details her experience with her disease and ended up being

    "even more honest than I was intending," says Collins:" I've always strived to start conversations about taboo subjects with young women. Sharing my story in Unfiltered happened to coincide—not strategically!—with To the Bone, but I've always admired people who are relatable and honest. Having suffered from an eating disorder doesn't define me; I'm not ashamed of my past."

    It is known that the plot of To the Bone is taken from a real-life story of its director and screenwriter Marti Noxon.

    At present, Lily's net worth is estimated at $8 million but, according to The Richest, her net worth is around $3 million.


    • 2008 – 90210
    • 2009 – The Blind Side
    • 2011 – Abduction
    • 2011 – Priest
    • 2012 – Mirror Mirror
    • 2013 – The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
    • 2013 – The English Teacher
    • 2014 – Love, Rosie
    • 2016 – Rules Don't Apply
    • 2016-2017 – The Last Tycoon
    • 2017 – Okja
    • 2017 – To the Bone

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