Gerard Piqué

photo Gerard Piqué
Name: Gerard Piqué ( Gerard Piqué )
Born: February 02, 1987
Age: 36 years old
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain
Height: 6 Feet 4 Inches
Occupation: football player
Relationship Status: in a civil marriage with Shakira
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    Gerard Piqué: biography

    Gerard Piqué Bernabéu is a professional football player. He is a midfielder in Barcelona F.C. and the national team of Spain. During his football career, he became the champion of Spain more than once. Moreover, he is a world champion and the champion of Europe.

    Childhood and youth

    Gerard Piqué was born on the 2nd of February, 1987 in Barcelona. His father John Piqué worked as a lawyer and had his own business. His mother Montserrat Bernabéu was the rector of the medical university. But the boy hadn’t followed in the footsteps of his parents. His famous grandfather Amador Bernabéu who was the vice-president of Barcelona F.C. at that time predetermined the future of his grandson. Amador at once went to the office of the football club and registered the kid as a member of Barcelona F.C.

    Gerard Piqué in his childhood
    Gerard Piqué in his childhood

    The boy began to be interested in football already at the age of 1,5 with what he delighted his grandfather a lot. At the age of 10, Gerard entered the principal Catalan Academy of La Masia Superclub. Perhaps, it is the best children's football school in the world. Soon he began to play for the youth team "Barcelona B."

    In 2004 Manchester United F.C. became interested in the seventeen-year-old Piqué, and the Spanish football player concluded his first professional contract with the English club.


    Gerard debuted in Manchester F.C. in October 2004. He was let out on the field to replace John O'Shea in the match of the English Football League Cup. The young football player took the position of the midfielder. He successfully supported both the main and the reserve Manchester United teams. The good results of this game allowed him to prolong the contract with the football club till 2009.

    Gerard Piqué in Manchester United F.C.
    Gerard Piqué in Manchester United F.C.

    In 2006 the Spanish Real Zaragoza F.C. secured Piqué from Manchester United F.C. on a season-long loan. Gerard didn’t like it as he understood that most often such "rent" could lead to the resale in the future. And he had no desire to leave Manchester United F.C. Anyway, the football player needed such experience.

    In Real Zaragoza F.C. Piqué regularly appeared in the starting team and demonstrated his excellent skills during the game. However, when he returned to Manchester United F.C., he looked on the field very seldom and played only 23 matches for the season. In 2008 England decided to sell Gerard to Barcelona for €5 million.

    Gerard Piqué in Real Zaragoza F.C.
    Gerard Piqué in Real Zaragoza F.C.

    At the end of the season of 2008-2009 the football player had finally settled in Barcelona F.C. and became its leader. Since that moment the new period began in the career of the football player. This season became successful for the football club as well. Barcelona F.C. won the Championship of Spain, UEFA Champions League and also the King's Cup. None of the Spanish football clubs had achieved similar victories before.

    Fast and productive game of Piqué attracted the attention of the head coach of the Spanish national team - Vicente del Bosque. Gerard debuted in the game for the national team on the 11th of February, 2009. It was the friendly match with England in which Spain got a victory.

    Gerard Piqué in Barcelona F.C.
    Gerard Piqué in Barcelona F.C.

    In summer of 2009 Gerard together with the national team took part in FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa. In this tournament, the Spanish team took only the third place. But next summer the FIFA World Cup also took place in South Africa and this time Spain won the match. In final Spain met with the team of the Netherlands and their game finished with the score 1:0.

    In 2012 the Spanish national team participated in UEFA European Championship. The football players of Spain again became champions. The result of this championship was fantastic. For all the games of the Championship Gerard's team had missed only one goal, and during the decisive match, the team defeated Italian national team with the score – 0:4.

    Gerard Piqué as a part of Spanish national team
    Gerard Piqué as a part of Spanish national team

    By the results of UEFA Euro, 2012 Piqué joined the symbolical national team of the tournament which consisted of the best players of the championship playing in the national groups of different countries.

    Next year at FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil the team of Spain gave way to the hosts of the tournament, having taken the second place. In this match with Brazil Piqué received a red card for the foul against Neymar and was out of the field at the 68th minute.

    In 2014 at FIFA World Cup Gerard took part only in the first group match because of hip pain. The national team lost this game to the team of Netherlands with the devastating score - 1:5.

    Football player Gerard Piqué
    Football player Gerard Piqué

    For his career Gerard Piqué became the champion of Spain for six times being a member of Barcelona F.C. He also became the 5-fold owner of the King’s Cup of Spain and the Spanish Super Cup. Also, Gerard is a 3-time owner of the UEFA Super Cup. He became the winner of the Champions League of UEFA and FIFA Club World Cup three times.

    In October 2016 Gerard Piqué announced that he was going to leave the national team right after FIFA World Cup of 2018.

    Personal life

    Piqué got acquainted with his future beloved – Latin American singer Shakira during the shootings of the song video "Waka Waka". This song was the official anthem of the FIFA World Cup - 2010.

    The girl attended all the matches of Spain, and paparazzi at once suspected that the young people had relations. But the couple denied everything. The matter is that at that time Shakira was in the relationship with Antonio de la Rúa – the son of the former president of Argentina. The singer announced her separation with Antonio on Twitter in January 2011. They had lived together for 11 years. In March of the same year, Shakira and Gerard publicly told about their relations.

    In 2013 Shakira gave birth to their firstborn Milan, and in 2015 – their son Sasha was born. It’s noteworthy that the couple still hasn't registered their relationship officially. In one of the interviews, they repeatedly told that the marriage for them was just a formality. That’s why the rumors about their break-up regularly appear on the web. Even in the beginning, some people didn't believe in their union because Shakira was ten years older than Gerard.

    Gerard Piqué with his children
    Gerard Piqué with his children

    But, to the regret of the ill-wishers, the couple is still together. The football player regularly posts their joint photos on his Instagram page.

    In 2017 Gerard Piqué appeared at "Pomeriggio 5" talk show and told that he had made a proposal to Shakira, and the woman agreed. Also, he reported, that they already planned their wedding.

    Gerard Piqué at present

    Rumors about the fact that once Piqué would become the president of Barcelona F.C. appeared a long time ago and even the defender periodically supported the hearsays. He does a lot for his team. For example, Gerard took an active part in search of the title sponsor for the team. Sometimes he speaks like a typical marketing specialist, but not as a football player.

    Gerard Piqué
    Gerard Piqué

    By the way, the football player has always been interested in business. For example, in 2017 he completed an intensive course at Harvard Business School in the USA which had cost him $10 thousand. Also, he takes individual lessons from the teachers of ESADE Economic School.

    So, Gerard doesn’t earn by football only. Piqué has a share in the company which produces meat semi-finished products. Also, he had invested money in stocks of the manufacture of Kypers brand glasses. Together with Carles Puyol, he invested funds in the company involved in the isotonic production. Isotonics are the drinks considered for the sports audience. They help to restore the organism after exhausting physical activities.

    Gerard Piqué in 2018
    Gerard Piqué in 2018

    Computers and mobile games have always been his lifelong passions. Piqué has founded the Kerad Games company. As a result of the work of software engineers the game "Golden Manager" was released. He even had sponsors – Coca-Cola and Nike companies. But at present the company is loss-making. The football never gives up hopes, and on the contrary, he is sure that the game industry will soon be profitable.

    In autumn of 2017, Gerard Piqué has started his show in which he interviews football players. When announcing the new project, he told that he was going to publish only credible stories as he was tired of publicity stunts. He has already invited Neymar, Luis Suárez, Javier Mascherano and Lionel Messi to take part in his project.

    Gerard Piqué interviews Messi
    Gerard Piqué interviews Messi

    It’s not surprising that the football player also appears in commercials rather often. The man keeps in good shape. Being 194 cm tall he weighs 85 kilos. Piqué became the face of MANGO and Nike brands several times.

    In February 2018 there appeared information that the football player had prolonged the contract with Barcelona F.C. till 2022.


    • 2009 – bronze medal at FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa
    • 2010 – La Liga Best Defender
    • 2010 – golden medal at FIFA World Cup in South Africa
    • 2012 – golden medal at EUFA European Championship
    • 2013 – silver medal at FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil


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