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photo Viki Odintcova
Name: Viki Odintcova ( Viktoriya Odintcova )
Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Occupation: model
Tags: model
Relationship Status: not married
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    Viki Odintcova: biography

    People began to talk about the model Viki Odintcova not so long ago. But if earlier the girl was only known in the fashion industry, at present the model is also famous in Russian show business.

    Viki Odintcova was born in November of 1993 in St. Petersburg. Except for Viki, her elder brother grew up in her family. There was friendly atmosphere at their home, The parents of the model are still together, recently they have celebrated their silver wedding.

    Model Viki Odintcova
    Model Viki Odintcova

    Already when Viki was a teenager, it was clear that the girl was destined to become a model. Her bright, gorgeous appearance and corresponding parameters allowed Viki to enter the St. Petersburg model school, where the girl had been studying for several years. It was Viki’s elder brother who brought her here. The girl herself was not confident in her skills and talent. Moreover, Odintcova attended classes at choreographic school, what allowed to acquire great plastic.

    After Viki Odintcova had received the school leaving certificate, she entered Perm State University.

    Model business

    Viki Odintcova has considerable achievements in her modeling career. Viki is the leading model of Russian Mavrin Models agency. The girl has ideal parameters: 90-63-92 with the height of 173 cm and weight of 55 kilos.

    Viki Odintcova before and after plastic surgery
    Viki Odintcova before and after plastic surgery

    To achieve desired parameters, the beautiful model has had some plastic surgery on the advice of the photographer Alexander Mavrin. Viki got her lips made fuller and had had breasts augmentation. In the photographs before and after the plastic surgery, the difference in Odintcova's appearance and parameters is noticeable. In addition to this perfect image, the girl dyed her hair and tattooed her eyebrows. The girl doesn't comment on these rumors, and nobody has proved these facts.

    Anyway, the girl looks gorgeous. Russian and foreign advertisers appreciated the appearance of the girl. Viki Odintcova is also in demand abroad. In 2015, the model took part in the photo shoot for the cover of Playboy magazine, and in a year her photos appeared on the portal of Netherlands branch of FHM.

    Viki Odintcova
    Viki Odintcova

    The girl has to travel by plane to other countries, where Viki gets advertising offers. Odintcova advertises clothes, underwear, body, and hair beauty products and weight loss aids.

    Seductive pictures of Odintcova often appear in glossy magazines. Quite often her photos are somewhat provocative and frank. The girl usually takes part in "nude" photo shoots. However, Viki Odintcova is not embarrassed about it, and the army of her admirers is multiplying.

    Personal life

    In Russian show business, Viki Odintcova became the center of attention since she appeared in public together with the womanizer and famous singer Egor Kreed. Viki took part in the video for Kreed's song under the title "I Like". During the shooting, there was the so-called spark between the young people.

    Egor Kreed and Viki Odintcova
    Egor Kreed and Viki Odintcova

    At first, Egor tried to keep this love affair in secret. But later, Kreed’s friends saw the model at his birthday party. Egor introduced Viki to his friends and didn’t hide his affection for Odintcova. Without embarrassment, the singer embraced the beautiful girl and kissed her. He didn’t pay any attention to the significant number of cameras. Nobody knows whether it was a promotional deal or real feelings. Only two of them knew this for sure. Their bright relationship soon came to an end perhaps because of the hard working schedule of both young people.

    The personal life of Viki Odintcova repeatedly became the subject of rumors and discussions in the social networks. For example, people say that the model from Mavrin Models agency had love affairs with Pavel Durov and famous showman Timur Batrutdinov. They also talk about escort services which Odintcova provided to wealthy men. It's possible that these are just gossips of the people who are envious of the beauty, who becomes more and more popular.

    Viki Odintcova at present

    In 2017 Viki Odintcova rushed in the social networks with superb video shot on the roof of a 300-meter skyscraper in Dubai. The girl performed a trick, holding on one hand over the edge of the abyss without any insurance. They shot the video from several angles. About 6.6 million spectators have watched the mounted video. The girl posted this video on Instagram and the official YouTube channel of Mavrin Models agency.

    Viki's subscribers were shocked by this did of the model. Many people considered this trick a kind of madness, but most fans expressed their admiration for Odintcova's courage. After the release of this extreme video, Viki Odintcova's page on Instagram has increased in popularity.

    The girl comes up to the expectations of her followers and regularly publishes her pictures of high quality. One of her latest photo shootings took place in Sri Lanka in 2017. At these pictures Odintcova demonstrated her perfect physical shape: the girl does not hesitate to appear in revealing seductive bikinis. Though Viki rarely appears naked in the photo shoots.

    Viki Odintcova in a swimsuit
    Viki Odintcova in a swimsuit

    The model skillfully exploits her holidays for work. The girl tries to capture each travel a the photos. In June 2017, Viki visited Baku as a guest. At this time Formula One race took place here. After the trip, the Odintcova posted her pictures in the black swimsuit on her Instagram page.

    At present Viki is considered by right to be one of the most highly paid models of Instagram. She has achieved such results significantly because she tries to lead her public page with fantasy and creates excellent individual photo shoots. Since Viki travels around the world a lot, she takes a picture in one of the streets in every new town. Each time she appears in the photo in the same wear – a white dress and a sunflower hat. Odintcova has already collected a significant number of pictures from the capitals of the world.

    Viki Odintcova
    Viki Odintcova

    Among her latest publications, there was a candid shot with a naked man. Also, recently she has published two videos: the first one - with the erotic dance of the model in front of the mirror, the second - in the snowy basin in front of the Austrian Alps. Viki Odintcova doesn’t stay in one place for a long time. Soon after the ski resort, Viki set off to Thailand, where she took many photos. Her admirers appreciated the quality of the images.


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