Sam Neill

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Name: Sam Neill ( Nigel John Dermot Neill )
Born: September 14, 1947
Age: 76 years old
Height: 5 Feet 12 Inches
Occupation: actor
Tags: film, actor
Relationship Status: divorced
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  • Horoscope: Virgo
  • Net worth: $18 000 000
  • Ethnicity: English
  • Nationality: British- New Zealand
  • Fathers name: Dermot Neill
  • Mothers name: Priscilla Neill
  • Education: Victoria University of Wellington
  • Hair color: Grey
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Lucky number: 5
  • Lucky stone: Sapphire
  • Lucky color: Green
  • Match marriage: Taurus, Capricorn
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    Sam Neill: biography

    It is truly said that life begins at 40. When Sam Neill was 36, he became a father for a second time, and his next child was born when the actor was 44 years old. Moreover, there are rumors, that the 70-year-old man started a love affair with a well-known journalist, despite a big age difference. At the same time, he constantly films in movies.

    Childhood and youth

    Sam Neill (his real name is Nigel John Dermot) was born on September 14, 1947, in Omagh, to Dermot, a New Zealander and army officer, and his wife Priscilla, who was born in England. At that time, his father served with the famous Irish Guards. According to the actor, the achievements of his father are the most valuable thing in his life.

    Sam Neill as a child with his mother
    Sam Neill as a child with his mother

    His parents have been very successful liquor retailers, and later Sam followed in their footsteps, heading the largest winery called Two Paddocks. In 1954, Dermot returned to his homeland, where the boy received a classical English education at Christ's College. There, the 10-year-old schoolboy decided to change his name to Sam to "live without pain" and went to the local theater stage for the first time.

    He became even more interested in the performing arts at the University of Canterbury and Victoria University in Wellington, where he graduated with a BA in English literature.

    Sam Neill in his youth
    Sam Neill in his youth

    Sam has a lively recollection of his childhood saying that it was difficult for him to forget whooping cough at the age of four. The actor also has an older brother, Michael, whom he admires sincerely. At the same time, he is critical of his personality and often calls himself a "bastard."

    Sam admitted in an interview that he stuttered at an early age and later began to support the British Stammering Association.


    Sam began an acting career with two bit parts in the films Landfall and Ashes. Then his filmography included the leading role in the thriller Sleeping Dogs which became the first feature-length 35 mm film produced entirely in New Zealand.

    Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman in the movie Dead Calm
    Sam Neill and Nicole Kidman in the movie Dead Calm

    Later Neill's credentials included the film that helped him to develop a successful career. The movie My Brilliant Career received a large number of awards. So, it was plain sailing from here on. For example, while shooting Dead Calm, Sam collaborated with Nicole Kidman and met his second wife.

    Nigel’s filmography also has fantasy movies Jurassic Park (and its third installment), The Jungle Book and Thor: Ragnarok. The New Zealander has also portrayed Russian characters: Dimitri Vasilikov in Enigma, Victor Komarovsky in Doctor Zhivago, Vasily Borodin in The Hunt for Red October.

    Sam Neill as Merlin
    Sam Neill as Merlin

    The participation in the series also did not go unnoticed because the miniseries Reilly, Ace of Spies earned his first nomination for the Golden Globe Award. He also starred in The Tudors, Alcatraz and Peaky Blinders.

    There is an interesting fact that he was lucky to portray King Arthur's mentor in the 1998 film Merlin and the 2006 movie Merlin's Apprentice.

    Personal life

    It is quite difficult to resist Sam's incredible charm and charisma. Therefore, separating from one woman, he immediately started a long relationship with another.

    In 1980, his first wife became actress Lisa Harrow, who starred with her husband in Omen III: The Final Conflict and gave birth to a son, Tim, in 1983. She is now married to the founder of Ocean Alliance, Roger Payne.

    In 1989, he married make-up artist Noriko Watanabe. As already mentioned above, the couple met while working on the film Dead Calm. Two years later, a daughter, Elena, was born. In 2017, the couple broke up.

    Sam Neill and Noriko Watanabe
    Sam Neill and Noriko Watanabe

    In 2018, information appeared in the media that Sam’s heart was not free again and belonged to ABC correspondent Laura Margaret Tingle. It was reported that the actor and correspondent met through mutual friends, although they had begun to flirt on Twitter a year earlier.

    Neill also has an illegitimate child, Andrew, from a previous relationship, and he is stepfather to Noriko’s daughter from her first marriage.

    Sam Neill and Laura Tingle
    Sam Neill and Laura Tingle

    The Hollywood star said in an interview in his inimitable manner that his most common phrase was "to have sex," and his favorite word was a "womb."

    Nigel is not indifferent to sport, in particular to rugby and football.

    Sam Neill now

    In 2018, the actor voiced two heroes, old Mr. Joe McGregor and Tommy Brock, in the animated film Peter Rabbit. The actor also portrayed Captain David Hawthorne in the thriller The Commuter, which was released in Russian on International Women's Day. Nowadays, he is playing with Kate Winslet and Mia Wasikowska in the drama Blackbird. Despite his age, Sam is full of creative ideas. By his own admission, the film crew is creating a movie about the first female jockey, Michelle Payne, and he will play her father.

    Sam Neill
    Sam Neill

    As for the political views of the three-time Golden Globe nominee, he openly supported the Prime Minister of New Zealand and criticized the activities of Donald Trump during the meeting with Barack Obama.

    He is concerned about the environmental condition and even appeared in Greenpeace advertising to ban the use of disposable plastic bags.

    “I'm not a crazy hippie with wild eyes, but I think we should be very skeptical about the use of chemicals. We should all be concerned about the condition of the planet. I have four grandchildren, and I am anxious about their future,” he said.
    Sam Neill in 2018
    Sam Neill in 2018

    Fans can follow his personal life and enjoy the sparkling jokes of their favorite actor on his official pages on Twitter and Instagram.

    The funny photos of pets (dogs, piglets, ducks, etc.), with witty remarks, pictures of meetings with friends, traveling, amazing landscapes or a new T-shirt immediately get many likes.

    The net worth‎: ‎$18 Million.


    • 2019 – Blackbird
    • 2018 – The Commuter
    • 2017 – Thor: Ragnarok
    • 2015 – The Daughter
    • 2013-2014 – Peaky Blinders
    • 2007 – The Tudors
    • 2002 – Doctor Zhivago
    • 2001 – Jurassic Park III
    • 1998 – Merlin
    • 1994 – The Jungle Book
    • 1993 – Jurassic Park
    • 1991 – One Against the Wind
    • 1989 – Dead Calm
    • 1982 – Enigma
    • 1979 – My Brilliant Career

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