Brian Krause

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Name: Brian Krause ( Brian Krause )
Born: February 01, 1969
Age: 54 years old
Birthplace: El Toro, USA
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Occupation: actor
Tags: actor
Relationship Status: divorced
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    Brian Krause: biography

    American actor Brian Krause made his full-length movie debut when he was barely five years old. The purposeful young man dreamed of becoming a doctor in childhood, but fate had other plans, and a new star appeared in the film industry. His credentials have a variety of projects, including such notable movies as Another World, Tales from the Crypt, Walker, Texas Ranger, Return to Cabin by the Lake, and Protecting the King.

    Childhood and youth

    Brian Jeffrey Krause was born on February 1, 1969, in the American city of El Toro, California. The actor’s father and mother are of German descent. He has an older brother, Patrick, who, unlike his famous brother, has never been interested in an acting career.

    Actor Brian Krause
    Actor Brian Krause

    At school, Brian was seriously interested in sports. The boy was engaged in tennis and swimming, played basketball and golf. Before he started to improve acting skills, Brian had worked as a popcorn seller, leaflet distributor, puller-in, wearing a sausage costume, and even a loader. The teenager regularly gave half of his earnings to his mother and put the other half to the piggy bank.

    Young Brian Krause
    Young Brian Krause

    At the age of 16, Krause enrolled in acting classes. Success was not long in coming because, in the second half of the 1980s, Brian played in the TV series TV 101, Highway to Heaven, and Match Point. Although the young and inexperienced actor got only bit parts, Krause was not in despair and believed that his hour of triumph was just round the corner.


    The first prominent role of Brian Krause was the title character in the 1991 melodrama Return to the Blue Lagoon. It was a film adaptation of the novel “The Garden of God” by Irish writer Henry De Vere Stacpoole and was a sequel to the 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. Brian Krause’s partner on the set was 15-year-old Milla Jovovich.

    Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause in the movie Return to the Blue Lagoon
    Milla Jovovich and Brian Krause in the movie Return to the Blue Lagoon

    The movie Return to the Blue Lagoon did not have commercial success due to the coincidence in the plots of two stories. However, when Brian became famous, he got a role in the movie December, in which Balthazar Getty became his partner, and took part in the filming of the movie Sleepwalkers, written by Stephen King.

    Brian Krause in the movie Sleepwalkers
    Brian Krause in the movie Sleepwalkers

    A significant event in the acting career of Brian Krause was the shooting of the Bandit series (Bandit Goes Country, Bandit's Silver Angel, Bandit Bandit, and Beauty and the Bandit), where the actor met his future wife, model Beth Bruce. In 1994, Krause played in the TV series Family Album, and a year later, he appeared in the erotic movie Naked Souls together with famous Pamela Anderson.

    Brian Krause in the movie Naked Souls
    Brian Krause in the movie Naked Souls

    In 2008, the actor participated in the science fiction movie Warbirds. Brian's colleagues on the set were actors Jamie Elle Mann and Tohoru Masamune. A year later, the actor got the leading role in the action movie 2012: Supernova, directed by Anthony Fankhauser. In 2010, Brian starred in several projects that did not have commercial success. These were You're So Cupid, Rain from Stars, TBK: The Toolbox Murders, Ashes, Cyrus, and The Binds That Tie Us.

    Brian Krause in the movie Beyond Loch Ness
    Brian Krause in the movie Beyond Loch Ness

    In 2011, the filmography of Krause included roles in the movies Absolute Killers and the science fiction film Camel Spiders. In 2013, the movies Red Sky, Borrowed Moments, Coffin Baby, Plan 9 were released, in which Brian also landed roles. The 2014 movies Poseidon Rex, Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man, as well as the projects Area 52 and House of Purgatory, released in 2015 and 2016, did not impress viewers.

    TV series Charmed

    Krause increased the army of fans, starring in the fantasy series Charmed. It is noteworthy that the producers chose famous stars for the filming, refusing to hire unknown and novice actors. If Brian had not been popular, he would not have been invited to the series. On October 7, 1998, the first episode of the Charmed project was released.

    Brian Krause in the TV series Charmed
    Brian Krause in the TV series Charmed

    The plot of the project is nontrivial, focusing on three beautiful sisters who possess unique magical powers. One of them can freeze objects in time, the second girl moves objects with her mind, and the third one can receive visions of the future. The sisters swear to each other to use their abilities for the good and wage an unequal battle with the evil forces.

    Brian Krause and Holly Marie Combs
    Brian Krause and Holly Marie Combs

    Initially, Brian's hero Leo Wyatt, the guardian angel of the good witches, was a supporting character. The spineless guy without negative traits and even individual peculiarities looks like his very first character Richard (the movie Return to the Blue Lagoon). In that story, young green-eyed Brian ran along the beach in a loincloth together with beautiful Milla Jovovich and did not know anything about the vices of the modern world.

    Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt
    Brian Krause as Leo Wyatt

    As the Charmed story unfolded, screenwriters began to pay more attention to Brian. When in the third season, Leo found his voice and married witch Piper, despite the evil forces, Brian won the viewers’ hearts. Strangers began to approach the actor on the street, confessed their feelings, and ask for an autograph.

    After the success of the series, the actor had serious alcohol problems. In 2010, the man was even arrested for drunken behavior at the airport. Fortunately, Krause could brace his energies, get rid of the bad habit, and continue to film, moving from one project to another.

    Personal life

    The famous actor was officially married. At the age of 25, he married fashion model Beth Bruce. In 1996, the wife gave birth to son Jamen. Unfortunately, the family life soon fell apart. In 2000, Brian and Beth divorced. However, the former spouses managed to remain friends, and the actor continued to support the ex-wife both morally and financially after the divorce.

    Brian Krause and Beth Bruce
    Brian Krause and Beth Bruce

    Filming on the series Charmed brought Krause a new short-lived relationship. In the story, Brian’s character had a torrid love affair with the heroine of actress Holly Marie Combs. Fans believed that on-screen love would turn into a real relationship. Despite numerous rumors, the actors did not date and were just colleagues on the set.

    Brian Krause and Alyssa Milano
    Brian Krause and Alyssa Milano

    In fact, the actor had an affair with his colleague Holly, the youngest witch. However, they did not celebrate the wedding. The young people dated for a year, after which they came to the conclusion that they should walk different paths. At the moment, the heart of the famous actor is free.

    Brian Krause now

    In May 2017, the actor starred in the movie A Woman Deceived, in which Brian got the role of detective Morrison, who solved difficult cases and tried to find out the reason for the famous businessman’s death. The matter was complicated by the fact that the suspects were an inconsolable widow and her new lover, who had a lot of secrets.

    In June of the same year, Brian appeared in the horror movie Be Afraid, directed by Drew Gabreski. Krause portrayed a father in the story, which told about a family who moved to a new house and faced paranormal phenomena. In 2018, Scott Brewer planned to release the short film Garrison 7: The Fallen and the full-length science fiction drama Garrison7: War Is Coming, in which the famous actor also played a leading role.

    Brian Krause in 2017
    Brian Krause in 2017

    Despite the busy schedule, the actor, who is 5.8 ft. (177 cm) tall, does not forget about his fans. On Instagram, Brian regularly posts both photos of the shooting and video cuts of his rest. It is worth mentioning that social media are not the only source of the latest news about Krause’s life. Various Internet portals and print media also often publish content related to the actor’s career.

    As of 2019, Brian Krause has a net worth of $500,000.


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    • Protecting the King (2007);
    • Ties that Bind (2006);
    • Rain from Stars (2010);
    • Growth (2009);
    • Return to Cabin by the Lake (2001);
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    • Gabe the Cupid Dog (2012);
    • Within the Rock (1996);
    • The Liars' Club (1993).

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