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Name: James Purefoy ( James Purefoy )
Born: June 03, 1964
Age: 59 years old
Birthplace: Taunton, UK
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Occupation: theater and film actor
Tags: actor, movie
Relationship Status: divorced
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    James Purefoy: biography

    Critics consider James Purefoy's acting to be "high English standard." The directors say that James thoroughly prepares for each role and has never "appeared on the set unrehearsed.” Fans associate the actor with all British traditions because he combines gentlemanhood with romantic dreams of past epochs.

    Childhood and youth

    James Purefoy was born in Taunton, England, on June 3, 1964. His surname is of French origin meaning “one who was staunch and true.” The parents divorced when James was small, and the son remained to live with his mother. He spent his childhood in a village in the county of Dorset, where his life was boring and monotonous. James attended an independent school there.

    The boy was not good at studying and preferred entertainment. He passed his exams at night school. At the age of 16, the young man began to work at a local hospital, then a pig farm. The romantic young man dreamed of long journeys and one day went on a trip across Europe. The trip did not last long because he was short of money. After returning to the UK, the young man moved to live with his father, in Surrey.

    James met an acting teacher by chance. The latter had a significant influence on the young man and inspired him to go to the theatre stage. During this period, the biography of Purefoy changed dramatically. Having decided to become an actor, James realized that it would require a proper education. He chose the Central School of Speech and Drama. In his spare time, Purefoy delivered newspapers.

    James Purefoy in his youth
    James Purefoy in his youth

    After graduation in 1988, James joined the troupe of the famous Royal Shakespeare Company. For two years, the young man gained experience playing minor and insignificant roles. In 1990, he began portraying the title characters in Macbeth, The Tempest, King Lear. In 1991, Purefoy played Laertes in Hamlet on the stage of the Bristol Old Vic.

    The actor also appeared on the stage of the National Theater, participating in the productions of Four Nights in Knaresborough and The Relapse, James got roles at Hampstead Theatre and the Globe Theatre. However, the ambitious young man wanted fame and fans, so Purefoy decided to succeed in the world of cinema.


    It was not difficult for the in-demand dramatic actor to appear on the set. In 1995, the first film Feast of July with his participation was released. He played a supporting role in the crime drama; thus, it did not make the beginning artist famous.

    James Purefoy in the movie Feast of July
    James Purefoy in the movie Feast of July

    The same year, Purefoy was screen tested for the role of James Bond in GoldenEye. But James ultimately lost the part to Pierce Brosnan, and the film was an overwhelming success for the lucky actor.

    In 1998, James played a bisexual in the drama Bedrooms and Hallways. At that time the topic of the film was scandalous, and people finally noticed the performers of the leading roles. A year later, he got the role of an alcoholic in the drama Mansfield Park, then a ladies' man in the film Women Talking Dirty. In 2000, he played bit parts, and in 2001 he got a role in the film A Knight's Tale.

    James Purefoy in the film A Knight's Tale
    James Purefoy in the film A Knight's Tale

    In 2003, James won the first prestigious award for the Best Actor at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival. Then the actor was invited to play in the Resident Evil and Vanity Fair. After watching the last film, some people were so impressed that they decided to read the book that was the subject of the film adaptation.

    Thanks to his distinguished appearance, James was invited to television costume dramas such as the series The Prince and the Pauper, Beau Brummell: This Charming Man. In 2005, the man appeared on American channels and played the leading role of Mark Antony in the series Rome. The actor said in an interview that the character of Mark was exciting and diverse. The man was not embarrassed that he had to be completely naked in front of the camera.

    James Purefoy in the film Solomon Kane
    James Purefoy in the film Solomon Kane

    In 2006, Purefoy auditioned for the role of his namesake in the movie Casino Royale again, but this time, he lost the part to Daniel Craig. In 2009, he got the leading role in the action movie Solomon Kane. The actor portrayed a soldier in the 16th century who was fighting for his life desperately.

    Two years later, James played the leading role in the adventure action movie Ironclad. Purefoy played brilliantly in the film showing the XIII century, the Templar Order, Rochester Castle, and King John of England. Jonathan English’s work was criticized after the release of the film, but they did not doubt James’s fantastic acting.

    James Purefoy in Altered Carbon
    James Purefoy in Altered Carbon

    One of the latest projects of Purefoy is the series Altered Carbon. The science fiction film is based on the novel of the same name by Richard Morgan. The action takes place in the 27th century when there is an opportunity to swap bodies and consciousness. James played the role of a rich man who suspects that one of his bodies was killed. The series premiered in February 2018.

    Personal life

    The personal life of handsome Purefoy has not had a lot of exciting events. James had a relationship with English actress Fay Ripley, the star of the series Midsomer Murders, for 11 years. Despite the long-lasting relationship, the couple did not marry.

    James Purefoy and Fay Ripley
    James Purefoy and Fay Ripley

    In 1996 the actor married officially, and the actress Holly Aird became his wife. Surprisingly, the first wife of James also starred in Midsomer Murders. In 1997, they had a son, who was named Joseph.

    In 2002, despite the common child, Holly and James divorced. Foreign sources report that the actor does not communicate with his ex-wife and son for unknown reasons. Purefoy's former family lives in London.

    James Purefoy and Holly Aird
    James Purefoy and Holly Aird

    Nevertheless, Purefoy has a happy family. Since 2004 he has been dating Jessica Adams. The young woman works as a documentary director and produces TV shows on British channels. The actor said in an interview that he found a woman with whom he wants to live until the end of his days.

    James Purefoy and Jessica Adams
    James Purefoy and Jessica Adams

    In 2012, Jessica gave birth to a daughter, Rose. The couple does not tell about their relationship, does not post photos of everyday life on the Internet.

    Purefoy is a big football fan. His favorite team is Yeovil Town FC, playing in the English Football League Two.

    James Purefoy now

    After the release of the first season of Altered Carbon, fans are discussing on the Internet whether there will be a continuation of the exciting story. Netflix has not officially announced a new season. However, since the script was based on the trilogy, there would be enough material for the filming of 2 or 3 seasons. There is also the character of Laurens Bancroft (James) in the sequel.

    James Purefoy in 2018
    James Purefoy in 2018

    James is an active Twitter user. He tweets daily not only information about his personality, but also political and economic events. The actor has no page on Instagram. There is only a fan account, which contains Purefoy’s photos.


    • 2016 – Equity
    • 2015 – Momentum
    • 2015 – High-Rise
    • 2013 – The Following
    • 2012 – John Carter
    • 2011 – Ironclad
    • 2011 – Revenge
    • 2009 – Solomon Kane
    • 2004 – Vanity Fair
    • 2002 – Resident Evil
    • 2001 – A Knight's Tale
    • 2000 – Maybe Baby
    • 1999 – Mansfield Park


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