Charlotte Rampling

photo Charlotte Rampling
Name: Charlotte Rampling ( Charlotte Rampling )
Born: February 05, 1946
Age: 77 years old
Birthplace: Sturmer, UK
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches
Occupation: theater and movie actress
Relationship Status: divorced
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    Charlotte Rampling: biography

    To seem sincere to the audience, the actors and actresses have to observe the simple rule - to experience all the emotions of their characters, whether it is joy, grief or torrid passion. The sex goddess of the elite cinematography Charlotte Rampling is one of such actresses. She can embody the role of any heroine, whether it is a neurotic woman, loving wife or former prisoner of the concentration camp.

    Charlotte Rampling in 2017
    Charlotte Rampling in 2017

    She is known to the audience due to her roles in the movies Heading South (2005), Lemming (2005) and Young & Beautiful (2013). It's worth telling that the actress who is the Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) has many prestigious movie awards.

    Childhood and youth

    Tessa Charlotte Rampling (the full name of the actress) was born on the 5th of February, 1946 in the town of Sturmer which is situated in the southeast of England – in Essex. Charlotte grew up and was educated in the wealthy and exemplary family. Her father Godfrey Rampling was an officer and an athlete who has proved himself at the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1936 and later became one of the commanders of NATO in Europe.

    Godfrey has won prizes, and in her assets, she has silver and gold medals. Charlotte's father lived a long life of 100 years and died in 2009. Godfrey's spouse and Charlotte's mother – (Isabel Anne was an artist that’s why the woman spent a lot of time with the canvas and paints.

    It’s also known that Charlotte had sister Sarah with whom the future actress had friendly relations. But, unfortunately, for some unknown reasons Sarah committed suicide at the age of twenty-three.

    Charlotte Rampling in her young years
    Charlotte Rampling in her young years

    Charlotte spent the most of her childhood in Gibraltar, France, and Spain. She came back to Great Britain only in 1964. That's why it's not surprising that the girl received education in a couple of educational institutions among which there were The attended Academie Jeanne d'Arc and St. Hilda's School.

    It’s worth telling that Charlotte's parents observed democratic education that’s why Rampling as allowed to do the things which were often forbidden to her peers. Thus, at the age of eighteen Charlotte traveled around the world with the band of the musicians. And when she turned twenty-two, she began to work for BBC TV company.


    Charlotte Rampling started her creative biography with the modeling and photo modeling. The photos of the attractive girl with brown hair and blue eyes appeared in all glossy magazines. That’s why it would be a paradox if the well-known directors didn't notice Godfrey Rampling's daughter. But before she became the star of the TV screens, Charlotte had completed special courses at the prestigious Royal Court London Drama School.

    The model Charlotte Rampling
    The model Charlotte Rampling

    Charlotte, as well as the majority of the movie actors, had her debut in the episodic and not memorable role. In a short time, the girl tried herself in the image of the skier in the comedy The Knack and How to Get It (1965) directed by Richard Lester. Even though Rampling hasn’t gained recognition and glory; she has worked on the same movie set with the movie stars Rita-Tushingham and Michael Crawford.

    However, the actress didn’t have to wait for a long time to gain her popularity. Charlotte began to receive the invitations from the directors after the movie Georgy Girl which was released in 1966. But at the beginning, the actress played roles in light comedies and then changed her image and began to appear mainly in thrillers and gripping movies.

    Charlotte Rampling in the picture The Night Porter
    Charlotte Rampling in the picture The Night Porter

    For example, in 1974 Rampling took part in the eccentric movie The Night Porter directed by Liliana Cavani. This movie has become a real bombshell but has been me by the critics and movie lovers rather controversially. The thing is that in the film there were demonstrated the frank scenes of the sexual nature. It wasn't accepted even to talk about such things, not to show this on the screen even though pornography had already strengthened its positions.

    The movie has become popular in France, in the USA and the Soviet Union. The scene in which Lucia Atherton (Charlotte's character) is dancing naked has been included to the TOP 100 of Best Scenes of world cinematography. It’s remarkable that this episode was shot from the first double. Dirk Bogarde, Gabriele Ferzetti and Isa Miranda have entered the brilliant cast of The Night Porter.

    Charlotte Rampling in the movie Heading South
    Charlotte Rampling in the movie Heading South

    Charlotte has proved herself as a liberated and emotional actress that's why Woody Allen paid attention to the girl and offered her the role in the tragicomedy Stardust Memories (1980).

    In 1986 Charlotte enriched her filmography with the role in the satirical comedy Max, My Love. The picture narrates the story of the woman who has begun to have a lover that's why her jealous husband (Anthony Higgins) tries to settle accounts with his rival. Though, to his surprise, his wife spends time not with the charismatic young man but with the real chimpanzee.

    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Swimming Pool
    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Swimming Pool

    A year later the talented actress accepted the invitation about the cooperation from Alan Parker. The famous movie director invited Charlotte to take part in the picture Angel Heart (1987). Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, and Dann Florek also participated in this movie. Charlotte has performed the role of the fortune-teller, engaged in the magic and sorcery.

    The new century began for Rampling with the drama Under the Sand directed by François Ozone (2000). This director, as well as Paul Verhoeven, has got used to confer his movies with outspoken views on human sexuality. By the way, Charlotte Rampling often takes part in François's films. She also participated in the movies Swimming Pool (2002), Angel (2007) and Young & Beautiful (2013).

    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Young & Beautiful
    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Young & Beautiful

    In 2005 Charlotte appeared in the movie Lemming which tells about the usual family dinner as it may seem from the first sight. But the atmosphere gets too hot, and the audience will see not only the process of eating but also real suspense in Alfred Hitchcock's style. André Dussollier, Charlotte Rampling, Laurent Lucas and to Charlotte Gainsbourg took part in this movie.

    It’s worth noting that Charlotte was lucky to take part in the 8th season of the series Dexter (since 2013). This series tells about the brainy murderer (Michael Hall) who dispenses justice on the same lovers of human blood and cleans this world from the evil. In this series Rampling has transformed into the psychiatrist-criminalist who makes the profiles of the criminals.

    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Broadchurch
    Charlotte Rampling in the picture Broadchurch

    In 2015 Charlotte has again participated in the high-rate series. She has performed in the movie Broadchurch together with the actors David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Jodie Whittaker.

    Personal life

    Charlotte prefers to keep the details of her personal life in a secret from the journalists, but the mass media learned that the actress had two beloved men. However, the relations with the elects have finished with a fiasco. In both cases, her love affairs have come to an end with the divorce. The actress has been married to the composer and actor Jean-Michel Jarre and to the actor Bryan Southcombe. By the gossip, the woman has three children from these marriages. Her children already live independently.

    Charlotte Rampling and Jean-Michel Jarre
    Charlotte Rampling and Jean-Michel Jarre

    The attentive Charlotte’s fans have noticed that she doesn’t appear in Hollywood anymore. The woman refused to cooperate with the Hollywood directors. The woman has refused to cooperate with the Hollywood directors because she was frightened by the common addiction to drugs and pills in the USA.

    Charlotte Rampling and Bryan Southcombe
    Charlotte Rampling and Bryan Southcombe

    Besides, Charlotte's friends admit that the actress is an extremely controversial person. For example, she prefers sports rest (riding a bicycle), and at the same time, she wouldn't refuse to smoke the Cuban cigar. Also, Charlotte who has English and French roots tells that she is Gipsy in her sole.

    Charlotte Rampling at present

    Charlotte continues to delight TV viewers with the roles. In 2017, the movie Hannah came out and in 2018 the actress will take part in three films at the same time: Valley of the Gods (2018), Little Stranger (2018) and Red Sparrow (2018).


    • 1974 — The Night Porter
    • 1975 — Foxtrot
    • 1974 — Yuppi du
    • 1980 — Stardust Memories
    • 1984 — Viva la vie!
    • 1986 — Max, My Love
    • 1999 — Great Expectations
    • 2000 — Under the Sand
    • 2003 — The Swimming Pool
    • 2005 — Lemming
    • 2013 — Dexter
    • 2013 — Young & Beautiful
    • 2016 — Assassin's Creed
    • 2017 — Euphoria
    • 2018 — Red Sparrow


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