Sean Young

Name: Sean Young ( Mary Sean Young )
Born: November 20, 1959
Age: 63 years old
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation: actress
Tags: actress, movie
Relationship Status: divorced
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    Sean Young: biography

    The peak of the American actress Sean Young’s popularity came in the 1980s: the attractive brunette collaborated with iconic Hollywood directors, and fans adored her. However, the demand began to decline gradually, which was not least caused by questionable incidents in which the woman was repeatedly accused. Despite the fact that the actress continues to act, now she is perceived only as a star of bygone years.

    Childhood and youth

    Mary Sean Young was born in 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky. Her American parents were engaged in journalism, and the mother became famous as the author of numerous biographical bestsellers. Sean also showed excellent writing skills, and her gifts were amazing: studying was easy for her; she graduated from The School of American Ballet, New York, at the age of 20.

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    Sean Young in her youth

    By that time, the future star had already graduated from the Interlocken Arts Academy and started building her career. The young woman tried herself as a dancer and model, posing in a swimsuit, but decided to act in the end. Thus, she moved to Los Angeles and made her debut on the theater stage.


    Young debuted on the screen in 1980 when she participated in Jane Austen in Manhattan; Garry Marshall’s Young Doctors in Love followed two years later. In 1984, one could see the artist in Dune by David Lynch. The role of Rachael in Ridley Scott’s fantastic movie Blade Runner was the most notable work.

    In 1987, Sean strengthened her positions of a femme fatal as she appeared in the drama No Way Out starring Kevin Costner. However, the chain of misfortunes followed: almost all the scenes with the artist were cut out from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street (1987), and the attempt to play Catwoman in Batman (1989) failed because of an injury.

    Other roles were less notable. In 2005, Sean Young appeared as Isadora Duncan in Yesenin; the Russian actor Sergey Bezrukov personified the main character.

    Personal life

    The actress’s character made an impact on her career: conflicts with colleagues and public exposures brought the yesterday’s star to the back of the cinematographic industry. The first case took place in 1989, when Young’s stage partner James Woods accused her of harassment and said she had planted a disfigured voodoo doll on his stairs.

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    Sean Young with her husband, Robert Lujan

    Although the woman denied the accusations, she had to give a financial recompense. Since that time, the media wrote many unpleasant things about her: alcohol issues, scandals, and conflicts on a movie set made her an everybody’s fool; colleagues called her a catastrophe woman who messed up all the time.

    Young used the decline in her career to improve her personal life: she married the actor Robert Lujan and moved to Arizona. Two children, Quinn and Rio, were born. A rehabilitation course helped the woman get through her issues; she even appeared in the show Celebrity Rehab.

    The actress Sean Young
    The actress Sean Young

    In 2012, Young’s name was mentioned in another infamous episode: she tried to get to the Vanity Fair party without an invitation; she paid $20 000 to stay out of prison before the court.

    Present days

    Nowadays, Sean Young continues to expand her filmography; the majority of the projects are TV movies, not big-screen pictures. However, 2017 brought the old part of Rachael in Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner 2049; it was the sequel of the popular fantastic drama.

    Sean Young today
    Sean Young today

    The woman rarely gives interviews, and her photos appear in newspapers, mainly because of the troubles that she continues to get into. In summer of 2018, the artist stole two laptops from the movie company that had fired her. The total value of the stolen property was $12, 000; video surveillance recorded her red-handed.

    Nowadays, the actress and her dog live in a rented apartment in Astoria, the northwestern area of New York. 2019 will bring at least four projects with her.

    Sean Young’s net worth is $3.5 million in 2019.


    • 1980 – Jane Austen in Manhattan
    • 1982 – Blade Runner
    • 1982 – Young Doctors in Love
    • 1984 – Dune
    • 1987 – Wall Street
    • 1987 – No Way Out
    • 1991 – A Kiss Before Dying
    • 1994 – Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    • 2005 – Yesenin
    • 2017 – Blade Runner 2049

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