Le'Veon Bell

photo Le'Veon Bell
Name: Le'Veon Bell ( Le'Veon Bell )
Born: February 18, 1992
Age: 32 years old
Birthplace: Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Height: 6 Feet 1 Inch
Occupation: American football running back
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  • Horoscope: Aquarius
  • Salary: $12 120 000
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Mothers name: Lisa A. Bell
  • Education: Michigan State University
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Black
  • Lucky number: 2
  • Lucky stone: Amethyst
  • Lucky color: Turquoise
  • Match marriage: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius
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    Le'Veon Bell: biography

    Le'Veon Bell one of the most popular football players in the United States, played as part of the Pittsburgh Steelers, took part in NFL matches.

    Childhood and Youth

    Le'Veon Bell was born on February 18, 1992. His hometown is Reynoldsburg, which is located in Ohio. From early childhood he was raised by his mother. About the father of Bell at the moment virtually nothing is known. The Le'veon's family was quite large – 5 children, Le'veon was the third child. He had 2 younger brothers and 2 elder sisters. Director of school Donis Toler Jr, who provided all kinds of support to the boy, took over the father role. Talking about some facts from his bio Le'veon says, that he was able to achieve such success in his sports career thanks to Toler's help.

    Footballer Le'Veon Bell
    Footballer Le'Veon Bell

    From an early age, Le'Veon already had an interest in sports, since both his brothers were fond of such sport as football. In addition, the older family members, mom and grandpa, were ardent fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. In many ways, this environment and the interests of relatives influenced his choice of future career.

    In the school Le’Veon was fond of football and other athletic disciplines; he played at school basketball too, actively participated in various running races and the long jump. He even managed to break some school records. Thanks to these achievements, Le'veon was considered one of the coolest guys in the school and was selected Ohio Division.

    Football career

    The beginning of his career can be considered the moment when in 2010 he entered the College of Michigan. It is worth noting that Donis Toler also had helped the boy in this because believed that the boy had great abilities that remained invaluable. He personally approached the College coach with a request for a scholarship to bell. Although the head coach knew about the abilities of Le'veon but didn’t consider his candidacy to take the team. Nevertheless, bell managed to get a College scholarship.

    For College team, Bell played in for two years. During this time he managed to take part in about 13 games, which were quite successful for him. He was able to get 109 carrier and 8 touchdowns. His achievements were noticed by many sports magazines, and already at that moment, the young athlete began to gain popularity. In Michigan he was a recognized and the most capable football player. On ESPN he got on the list of the most successful players in the NFL in 2010.

    Le'Veon Bell Ultimate College Highlights
    Le'Veon Bell Ultimate College Highlights

    In the next season, Le'Veon completely showed his ability and often took part in various competitions. In 2011 in all matches Bell managed to make 13 touchdowns.

    In the Junior season Bell surpassed all expectations and in 2012 took second place in the top ten. This fact attracted the attention of many journalists and coaches.

    Despite this success, Le'Veon decided to abandon the fate of the Senior League and registered to participate in the NFL in 2013.

    From this moment begins Le'veon's professional football career. In 2012 he leaves Michigan. At this point, Bell has some fame and many analysts have already made predictions about the entry of bell into the NFL. According to their assumptions, it had to pass selection in the second or third round.

    At that time Le'Veon took the fifth position in the ranking on the web site NFLDraftScout.com. After that, he receives an offer from the NFL to join the team Scouting Combine, and then actively begins training. Many scouts who also took part in training with Bell noted that he is the best running back as will differ in high speed of run and force. Ever his insignificant height wasn’t a problem for him.

    Le'Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers
    Le'Veon Bell Pittsburgh Steelers

    In 2013 Bell passes one of qualifying rounds and gets to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This year Le'veon signs a contract for $4 million.

    However, his first season did not start councils, as there is in the preparatory training Bell sprained a leg. So he had to miss the first three weeks of the game because of this injury.

    His debut took place during the match with Minnesota Vikings. Then Le'veon cracked the record of the famous Franco Harris, one of the members of the team Pittsburgh Steelers, getting for a total of 1,258 yards.

    The next season of games, which began in 2014, was for the athlete successful. With the end of the year, he is already recognized and wasn't a beginner anymore. Furthermore, he led his team to a 16th place among the top of League football players. At the end of a full season, Bell had more than 1,300 yards and 8 touchdowns.

    Le'Veon Bell Is a Huge Early-Round Risk in 2014
    Le'Veon Bell Is a Huge Early-Round Risk in 2014

    In 2015, due to a marijuana incident, the athlete was suspended from several games of the season. Initially, it was decided that he would not take part in four games of the season, but after a second appeal to the Sports Committee, the decision was changed, and Bell could not participate only in three games.

    After the ban was lifted, Bell took the field in a match against "Rams".

    In the same year Bell got injured while playing against Cincinnati Bengals. The next day he was placed on reserve for injured. And at this point, his season was completed until the next time. After that, he had to undergo surgery because of the injury. But this did not prevent him to get back in the game in 2016 and take the 41st position of the top players.

    In August of the same year, Le'Veon was re-tested for drug use, but could not pass it. Therefore, due to violations of the NFL policy, the player was again suspended from participation in the first match of the season. But, like last time, after the appeal, the number of games was changed to a lower one.

    Le'Veon Bell 2016 stat projections for the Steelers
    Le'Veon Bell 2016 stat projections for the Steelers

    In 2016 Bell managed to beat the record of one of the previous team members "Steelers" - running back Willie Parker, who throughout the game was able to gain 223 yards. For 73 years no one has been able to surpass this score. But, during the match against the "Bills" Bell managed to gain 236 yards, which undoubtedly is the best rate for all history of existence of the team.

    A historic achievement has obeyed the bell at the 31st attempt removal. Bell ran three yards at centre and came in first place in the list of players the Steelers, who managed to score the highest amount of rush yards in one match.

    In the 2017 season, Bell successfully played several matches in the same team. At the end of the year, Bell had 9 touchdowns and 1291 yards.

    But since 2018, there were difficulties. The athlete was reassigned to extend the contract for a one more year. Its value was $14 million, but despite this, the athlete refused such conditions, as he considered that his stay in the team is estimated much higher. In view of this, the athlete did not participate in any competitions as part of his team. Further negotiations on the contract completely stopped. In the end, Bell missed 9 seasonal games.

    All these disputes have led to the fact that in 2018 Bell was not able to participate in the NFL. But it in any way didn't upset the athlete as he is sure that easily will be able to earn money. At the same time, other teams are also considering his candidacy and offer him a contract to participate in the matches.

    Many analysts and journalists from noted international news express their opinions on this issue. Someone thinks that gaining 192 yards James Conner will already be enough to Bell gave up. Maybe it will be so, but only because Conner will be the starting player, and Bell will be able to receive payment for the matches without touching the ball more than 30 times per game. Then he can be optimistic about the future.

    Personal life

    Le'Veon is particularly religious. So, on his body, or rather on the right and left hand, there are several tattoos that represent quotes from the Bible. Another of his tattoos is an image of his mother hugging Le'veon, which he did after Michigan was defeated in a major championship.

    In addition, Bell often participates in various charity events. This is also evidenced by his active cooperation with the organization PETA, which stands for the protection of animals. Once he starred in the video of this organization, which made an appeal to abandon the murder of mink for beautiful garments.

    Le'Veon Bell with his girlfriend
    Le'Veon Bell with his girlfriend

    As for his romantic relationship, it is known only that he met with some girls, but the relationship was not very long. One of his girlfriends was his old friend Jourdan Taylor, but the relationship with her also was not working. This became known when Jourdan recorded a video in which she told about the break with Bell. Video in the future, she posted on his page on Instagram. However, since 2016 Bell is in a relationship with Mercedes Dollson. Their relationship is not officially registered, but despite this, in 2017 the couple had a daughter.

    Le'Veon is an amazing person who has not only a huge number of sports achievements but also is a creative person. In 2017 he decided to start a musical career but decided that he would take the stage name. In the same year, he released his debut Studio album, which included 16 tracks.


    In 2014 Bell had an unpleasant incident. Le'Veon with his friend, who was a football player in which bell played at the time, was driving a car. In their escort was noticed the unknown woman. On the way they were stopped by police. Bell was suspected of using marijuana because the officer smelled it in the car. After that, the police searched Bell's car, where they found about 20 grams of cannabis.

    Le'Veon Bell detained by police
    Le'Veon Bell detained by police

    For this reason the police arrested all three offenders, and then Bell appeared before the court, where the judge sentenced him to 15 months probation. In addition, within 60 days Bell had no right to drive as his driver's license was suspended.

    Le'Veon Bell now

    In 2019, Le'Veon Bell will enter the market of free agents without any additional conditions.

    The General Manager of the Steelers Kevin Colbert said that the club will not impose on the running back franchise tag.

    Le'Veon Bell can be considered a free agent
    Le'Veon Bell can be considered a free agent

    In the press, there were rumours that "Pittsburgh" use at Bell the transitions tag to obtain the theoretical possibility to exchange the player, but the chances of that were low initially. If Bell goes to another club as a free agent, Pittsburgh will receive compensation the right choice in the draft pick in 2020.

    Bell achieved his goal, which he set himself in the last off-season when he did not sign the franchise tag for $14.5 million and missed the whole season.

    Now bell must find a team that wants to satisfy his financial appetites.

    Le'Veon Bell Career Stats

    Le'Veon Bell has received numerous awards throughout his career.

    • 2015-NFL Honors Award in the nomination "Fantasy League Player of the year»
    Le'Veon Bell
    Le'Veon Bell
    • 2015-NFL Honors award-FedEx award for best running back of the year
    • 2017-NFL Honors Award in the nomination "Unsurpassed in the game on the road»

    Career statistics

    In five years of his successful career (from 2013 to 2017), Bell played a total of 62 games. For all matches bell scored 5,336 Rushing yards and 2,660 Receiving yards, scored 35 touchdowns. Perhaps these figures would have been higher if Bell had not missed all the matches of the season in 2018 due to the conflict over the contract.

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