Edward James Olmos

Name: Edward James Olmos ( Edward James Olmos )
Born: February 24, 1947
Age: 76 years old
Height: 174 Feet
Occupation: actor
Tags: actor
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  • Horoscope: Pisces
  • Net worth: $14 000 000
  • Ethnicity: Mexican
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Pedro Olmos
  • Mothers name: Eleanor Olmos
  • Education: Montebello High School
  • Hair color: Gray
  • Eye color: brown
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    Edward James Olmos: biography

    Edward Olmos if one of those people who initially couldn’t find their real vocation. So, before turning to acting, he had tried out sports career, played music and took part in boxing competitions. However, having looked at the world of acting once, he understood it was his passion. Olmos’ career got started in the 1960s from appearing on commercials and short pictures. Besides, he has always been indifferent social activist fighting for Hispanic society rights. Do you want to know more interesting facts of celebrity’s life? You can find them in the article!

    Childhood and youth

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    Actor Edward James Olmos attends the premiere of "Coco" at El Capitan Theatre

    Edward Olmos' parents are Pedro and his wife, Eleanor. His dad came from Mexico – he immigrated from his motherland in 1945. As for his mom, she also had a fusion of Mexican and American blood. At the age of 7, Edward faced his parents' divorce. Generally, it almost didn't influence the boy cause he had not spent much time with them even before their split-up. Hard workers, the two have never paid much attention to little Edward. He spent the majority of his childhood living with his grandparents.

    From the very infancy, Edward had a dream of becoming an experienced baseball player. Having turned 13, he joined a local team performing on a catcher position. Besides, he was keen on boxing. However, later, his preferences changed, and Edward found a new passion – music. So, young boy gave up playing baseball for the sake of concentrating on a music career. He became a member of a local music collective playing rock and roll genre. Remarkably, his dad was against this Olmos' intention – and their relationship deteriorated.

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    Politician Loretta Sanchez and actor Edward James Olmos

    1964 is the year of Edward Olmos' graduation. Being a teenager, he performed with the music group Pacific Ocean. The collective was often invited to sing at numerous nightclubs and pubs and gained lots of fans. 1968 brought them their first and the only one record entitled ‘Purgatory.’ Interestingly, that time Edward was a college student – he managed to combine music career with studying.

    Social activism

    Edward is an active representative of social activism. Mostly, he is concerned about issues linked with Spanish-speaking people inhabiting America. In the 1990s he arranged Latino Movie Festival held in Los Angeles.

    He is also a founder of a TV channel concentrated on issues related to the Hispanic community. He has also been invited to various talk-shows to discuss Latino stereotypes.

    Theatre career

    At the end of the 1960s, Edward Olmos changed his hobby again – he got involved in acting. His first theatre role was in the play entitled Zoot Suit – he was a narrator. Its plot told about war times. Later, the play was adapted into a movie version, and the actor appeared there again. Besides, that time he acted in such plays and musicals as Blade Runner and Wolfen.

    Movie career

    1980 brought Edward Olmos his debut television role in the movie of science fiction genre named Virus. Acting there, the celebrity played the piano and performed a song in Spanish. In spite of a low commercial success, the picture brought Olmos a big base of fans among the Japanese audience.

    In 1984 the star began appearing in the TV series entitled Miami Vice. Remarkably, it was his most significant role for the moment. Besides, he was invited to perform in an educational video about postal service of America.

    1992 was marked by Olmos' roles in the pictures American Me (which he also directed) and My Family. Three years later, fans could see the celebrity featuring in the video clip for the song ‘I Will Remember’ by Toto. 1997 brought Olmos appearance in the movie entitled Selena. Edward opened a new millennium by acting in the picture under the name In the Time of the Butterflies. Additionally, around that time he contributed to the movie of a drama genre The West Wing.

    In 2002 the star began playing as a secondary character in American Family.

    In the 2000s Olmos worked as a director of the program The Plan. The same year, he took up production and directing of the picture entitled Walkout. Moreover, the celebrity starred in the video clip for ‘Vato’ by Snoop Dogg. He also appeared in several episodes of the situation comedy George Lopez. In 2007 he was seen acting in the TV series named Dexter.

    The following year, Olmos took part in recording of I’m Still Here – a documentary about Joaquin Phoenix.

    Speaking about his most recent works, Olmos portrayed Robert Gonzales in the Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In 2015 he became a cast of the pilot Urban Cowboy featuring John Travolta.

    Olmos’ net worth is evaluated at $14 million.

    Personal life

    Speaking about Olmos' relationship, he had a wife named Kaija Keel. The two are parents for two kids. The spouses separated in 1992.

    Having parted ways with the woman, the celebrity adopted four kids. In 1994 he tied the knot with Lorraine Bracco. They began living separately in 1997 and annulled their marriage in 2002. Later, Edward started an affair with Lymari Nadal. They shared vows in 2002 and divorced in 2013.

    In 1992 Edward Olmos was mixed up with a sexual scandal. A teenage girl blamed the celebrity for assaulting her. It has never been proved, but Olmos paid money for her parents to silence the situation.

    Five years later, one more woman blamed Olmos for assaulting her in a hotel.

    The picture American Me premiered in 1992 evoked lots of controversies. Remarkably, Olmos’ life was at risk. More about this situation you can know watching the interview with Danny Trejo.


    • Blade Runner (1982)
    • Stand And Deliver (1988)
    • American Me (1992)
    • Cerca, La (2005)
    • Splinter (2006)
    • Filly Brown (2012)
    • Go for Sisters (2013)
    • 2 Guns (2013)
    • Unity (2014)
    • Coco (2017)


    • Emmy Best Actor (1988)
    • Best Male Lead (1988)
    • Best Actor on Television (2008)

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