Ayrton Senna

photo Ayrton Senna
Name: Ayrton Senna ( Ayrton Senna )
Born: March 21, 1960
Age: 34 years old
Died: May 01, 1994
Birthplace: São Paulo, Brazil
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Occupation: racing driver
Relationship Status: was divorced
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    Ayrton Senna: biography

    Ayrton Senna is a legendary Brazilian racing driver well-known for his speed on Formula One tracks. The crowd favorite and the winner of the title of three-time champion tragically passed away at the age of 34. The fans of the races keep this person in their memory, as this man became famous not only as an excellent sportsman but as a philanthropist who helped people in need as well.

    Childhood and youth

    The future driver was born on March 21, 1960, in the south-east of Brazil in the city of São Paulo. The destiny smiled to the boy, and he grew up in a wealthy family. His father Milton da Silva was a famous businessman in his native town. He was able to provide his family fully in finances and to support his son's wishes as well. When Ayrton was a child, he was nicknamed ’’Beco’’. By the memories of his relatives, the future racing driver was very clumsy. He could hardly entwine his legs and tripped over the steps all the time.

    Photo Ayrton Senna in childhood
    Photo Ayrton Senna in childhood

    There is information that Señor Milton da Silva was a passionate lover of the races and donated money into the development of this kind of sport. When little Beco turned four, his father presented him with a sports car as a gift. Even though it was just a game for a child, but in the future, Da Silva Jr. dedicated his whole life to the races. The father supported his son in his beginnings. However, he insisted that Ayrton should continue their family business.

    When Beco turned thirteen, Da Silva Sr. saw the potential and aspiration of his son and employed a personal coach Lucio Pascual Gascon for his son who taught him racing skills. By the words of Lucio, Ayrton was a goal-oriented person who didn't accept failures.

    Photo Ayrton Senna in childhood
    Photo Ayrton Senna in childhood

    At the age of thirteen, Ayrton had his racing debut – he performed at the karting races for the first time. As the young man remembered, he fought against experienced participants, but in the straight line, he was in the lead because of the lightweight of his kart.

    When the young man turned seventeen, he became the champion of South America in the karting races and also he took part in other competitions.


    In 1981, Ayrton left his native country and relocated to England in search of new opportunities. Then in Europe the Wizard (Ayrton's nickname) was spoken of positively, that’s why any race track was opened to him.

    He chose one of the best teams in Formula Ford Van Diemen: the guy succeeded in proving to its owner Ralph Fermin his aspiration to the victory. After that, he concluded the contract for participation in Formula 1600 in Great Britain. After a while in a foreign country, Ayrton started to learn a new language, and also to adapt to new tracks and cars, in which he was good enough.

    Ayrton Senna in childhood
    Ayrton Senna in childhood

    In 1981, Wizard took part in the competition at Brands Hatch race track in Kent County. However, the young man didn't manage to receive the title of the winner, but came fifth, defeating his team-mates. Later Ayrton became a prize winner in Thruxton, and then he again tried himself at already known Brands-Hatch race circuit, where he won. As the racing driver remembered, the rain helped him to defeat the rivals. Once the rain prevented the purposeful guy from winning the race, and Ayrton didn’t disregard that fact. As a result of long training, the racing driver could feel confident even in rainy weather, that’s why he was nicknamed ’’King of the rain.’’

    Ayrton Senna wearing a helmet
    Ayrton Senna wearing a helmet

    Since 1982, Ayrton took part in the races under his mother’s maiden name Senna: this can be explained by the fact that his father's surname was famous in Brazil. In such a way, the young man didn't want to risk to cause personal problems for his family.

    Formula One

    The sportsman began his career in Formula One in 1984 from the little-known team Toleman. The young man brought the first point to his team on April 7 at Grand Prix in South Africa. Being a member of Toleman, the racing driver didn’t achieve the first place.

    After Toleman, Senna became a member of more strong teams. Since 1985 till 1987 he was a member of Lotus team, and then joined McLaren and Williams teams.

    During his participation in Formula One Ayrton Senna won the first places in qualifications 65 times. The sportsmen didn’t manage to beat this record even twelve years after the death of the racing driver. The admirers of Formula One still review the 20-year-old video with participation of the athlete.

    Personal life

    In winter of 1981, Senna married his old friend Lilian de Vasconcelos Souza, but their marriage came to an end soon. As the racing driver confessed to the journalists, the marriage to Lilian was a great mistake. Also, he told that the racing career was a more urgent priority in comparison with the women. But the public repeatedly noticed Ayrton in the company of women, whom he changed as the gloves.

    Ayrton Senna and Marcella Prado
    Ayrton Senna and Marcella Prado

    What about the long-lasting relations of Senna, it lasted for four years. It was a relationship with fifteen-year-old girl Adrianna Yameen, and already in 1988, he began meeting with Xuxa Meneghel.

    Moreover, he had relations with the star of "Playboy" men's magazine - Marcella Prado in 1993. The girl announced that she was pregnant from Ayrton. When Marcella gave birth to the daughter, the young man was delighted though till the end of his life, he told that he didn't have children.

    What about Ayrton’s character, the Brazilian was a perfectionist, and he tried to tie up loose ends. There was an impression that Senna was a quiet person: he seldom showed his emotions even at the photos, but sometimes one could notice him in the fights with other racing drivers.

    The fans of Ayrton remember that he was a gentle and charismatic man in real life. Besides, Senna fought actively against poverty and hunger in his native country. The racing driver held back about his kind deeds and didn’t share this information with the press: the fact that he had donated money became obvious only after his death.


    In 1994, Senna transferred to one of Williams best teams, for which by his words he could have performed without fees.

    Because of the dark events which took place with Senna at the time of the races, the guy was sure in the impending danger.

    At first, Rubens Barrichello got in an accident on the race track. He broke his nose and ribs, which prevented him from taking part in the race. Next day, a racing driver from Austria, Roland Ratzenberger, died during the race. Ayrton was preoccupied with these events, that's why he made up his mind to talk to Rubens (to do this Senna had to climb over the hospital wall). After the conversation, Ayrton understood that the safety system regulated on Formula One had some deficiencies. Ayrton took the initiative and organized the meeting of racing drivers: at the meeting of the sportsmen, there was discussed the matter of improving the security of the participants of racing competitions.

    Ayrton Senna in the last years of life
    Ayrton Senna in the last years of life

    During the competition at Grand Prix in San Marino, two racing drivers collided and this resulted in the injuries of three spectators because of the shattered wreckage. That’s why there was called the security car to limit the speed of the sports cars, after which Ayrton was driving six laps. On the seventh lap, the security car was called back, and by coincidence, Senna went off the track at Tamburello turn at the speed of 310 km/h.

    The monument to Ayrton Senna
    The monument to Ayrton Senna

    When the spectators and organizers of the races understood that the sportsman wasn’t moving, the competition was stopped. The doctors who reached the assess to the incident saw a terrible picture: Senna's face was in the blood, the guy had a severe brain injury and also his temporal lobe artery was torn. He was given the first aid, and he had tracheostomy done for him. After that, the injured person was taken to the nearest hospital by airplane, and he was connected to the respirator. Later it became clear that the racer wouldn't get out of the coma, that's why it was decided to switch-off the lung ventilation equipment.

    Both devoted fans of races and residents of Ayrton Senna’s native country remember him. According to the result of the poll in 2000, Ayrton’s compatriots offered to call him the best Brazilian. The memorable competitions are held in honor of the racer, and the grave of the athlete turned into the place of the pilgrimage.

    In 2010 there was shot the documentary under the title Senna in honor of the racer. This movie tells about the biography of the champion of Formula One.

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