Olivia Newton-John

photo Olivia Newton-John
Name: Olivia Newton-John ( Olivia Newton-John )
Born: September 26, 1948
Age: 75 years old
Birthplace: Cambridge, UK
Occupation: singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur, and activist
Relationship Status: married
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    Olivia Newton-John: biography

    Olivia Newton-John, who was born in September 1948 is a singer, actress, songwriter, activist, and entrepreneur. She is one of the most successful singers of all times and has won four Grammy awards for her work. Olivia Newton-John movies have also been loved by people around the world. She has been an active supporter of the environment and animal rights issues for a long time and has also been speaking at big forums. She has been married twice and has a daughter from the first marriage.

    Olivia Newton-John
    Olivia Newton-John

    Early Life and Family

    Olivia Newton-John was born in Cambridge in England. Her mother was Irene Helene, and her father was Welshman Brinley Newton-John. Olivia Newton-John birthday is on the 26th of September. She comes from a family of Nobel Prize winner Max Born who is her maternal grandfather. Her grandfather and grandmother are both Jewish; her maternal grandfather was a famous Jurist, and she also has a relationship with the author and Jurist Rudolf von Jhering. Her father was a MI5 officer at the Bletchley Park during World War II. After the war ended, he chose to become the headmaster of the Cambridgeshire High School for Boys.

    She has two elder siblings. Olivia Newton-John brother is a doctor, and her sister is also an actress. Olivia Newton-John, Elton John is confused as brother and sister. However, it should be clarified that they are not related to each other apart from professional relationships. When Olivia Newton-John was six years old, her family migrated to Melbourne, Australia and she has been raised there. Her father was the professor of German at Ormond College. Her mother is a photographer, and they still live in Australia.


    She completed part of her schooling in the Christ Church Grammar School and then was transferred to the University High School which was near to the Ormond College where her father worked. When she was in High School, she formed Olivia Newton-John young girl-group with her classmates, and they became famous in the local area where they performed in coffee shops.

    Young Olivia Newton-John
    Young Olivia Newton-John

    She later gained fame and started performing in radio and TV shows. This was the start of her successful career.

    Career and Awards

    Olivia Newton-John officially released her first album named If Not For You in the year 1971, and it was an instant hit. It reached the 158th position in the Billboard 200 and occupied the 14th position in the Australian charts. Post her success, her next album was released called Olivia. The album did not do well.

    However, she came back with her third album soon called Let Me Be There. This album reached the heights of success and reached up to the 54th place in the Billboard 200 charts. Let Me Be There was the song that scored her a Grammy nomination as well as a Grammy win in the ‘Best Female Country Vocalist’ Genera.

    With a Grammy in her name, she released another album called Long Live Love in 1974. This album won her two Grammy awards for the song I Honestly Love You. The song also topped the charts both in the US and also in Australia.

    This was just the start of her career because ever since her debuted, she has released 30 albums and has won four Grammy awards.

    Her acting career has been just as successful. Her first role was in the movie Funny Things Happen Down Under. After playing a supporting role in the movie, she got cast to play the lead in Tomorrow that was released in 1970. However, her success in acting came from her role in the movie Grease. Olivia Newton-John age in Grease was 28, and this was the time when her acting career shone brightly.

    This movie was a huge hit and became extremely successful commercially earning around 400 million dollars all around the world. She also gave her voice for a lot of different movie soundtracks. Olivia Newton-John/Cliff Richard gave their voice for the song Suddenly in the film Xanadu which was one of the biggest hits of that time.

    After this success, she appeared in a lot of other movies, and her recent work has been A Few Best Men that was released in 2011. She has also appeared in a lot of TV shows including Dancing With The Stars, American Idol and Sordid Lives: The Series.

    She is also a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Koala Blue which is a woman’s clothing boutique chain. However, the chain was shut down and filed bankrupts in 1992. The same name of the company was again taken, and it was created into wines, confections and bed, and bath products line. She is also a partial owner of the Gaia Retreat and Spa.

    Personal Life

    In 1968 when Olivia Newton-John was just starting her career, she met Bruce Welch who fell for her. Olivia Newton-John and Bruce dated for some time. He then proposed and became Olivia Newton-John first fiancé. However, this was not the best because he was already married.

    Olivia Newton John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi
    Olivia Newton John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi

    She first married Matt Lattanzi in 1984. Matt was Olivia Newton-John boyfriend for a long time. They had met on the set of Xanadu and fell in love. They also have a daughter named Chloe Rose who was born in 1986. They got divorced in 1995. Olivia Newton-John first husband has been in a cordial relationship with her ever since divorce because of Olivia Newton-John children.

    Olivia Newton-John then met cameraman Patrick McDermott a year later after her divorce, and they started to date on and off for about 9 years. However, this relationship did not turn into something sold. Later on, in 2008, Olivia Newton-John married the founder and president of Amazon Herb Company, John Easterling. They got married in a small ceremony in Peru. Olivia Newton-John husband bought real estate, and they are still living together.

    Battle With Cancer and Activism

    In 1992, she admitted her successful career in music, Olivia Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through all kinds of treatments and recovered completely. However, her breast cancer relapsed in 2017, and she has been struggling with it ever since. Because of her own struggle with breast cancer, she has been a long time activist for Breast Cancer awareness amongst women.

    She also promotes Livkit which is a breast cancer awareness aid. Apart from this, she is also involved in a lot of environmental as well as animal-related issues. She has also seen her daughter struggle with body issues. Olivia Newton-John, the daughter, had body dysmorphia. This is the reason that she has always been a spokesperson for the body image and body positivity campaign.

    Various rumors pronounced Olivia Newton-John dead when it was known that her cancer had relapsed. However later Olivia Newton-John facts were released, and even she clarified that she is currently undergoing treatment and hope to be back to her health soon.

    Net Worth

    Olivia Newton-John has been in the business for over 50 years and had earned a lot of success through her music as well as an acting career. She also owns a lot of properties in the US as well as austral. She also has been the brand ambassador for a lot of brands and has a few business ventures that are also the source of her income. At present, Olivia Newton-John net worth is estimated to be around 40 million. However, the net worth can also be affected by other parameters that have not been listed to the public.

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