Josh Donaldson

Name: Josh Donaldson ( Joshua Adam Donaldson )
Born: December 08, 1985
Age: 38 years old
Birthplace: Florida, USA
Height: 185 Feet
Occupation: athlete, baseball player
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  • Horoscope: Sagittarius
  • Net worth: $43 000 000
  • Ethnicity: Native American
  • Nationality: American
  • Fathers name: Levon Donaldson
  • Mothers name: Lisa French
  • Education: Auburn University
  • Hair color: Light Brown
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Lucky number: 2
  • Lucky stone: Turquoise
  • Lucky color: Orange
  • Match marriage: not married
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    Josh Donaldson: biography

    Josh Donaldson is an American baseball player who seems to have turned over a new leaf in his career. In 2019, the athlete received the NL Comeback Player of the Year award; he has recently begun to play for the Minnesota Twins.

    Childhood and youth

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    The future sportsman was born in Florida into the family of Levon Donaldson and Lisa French. The boy’s childhood was not easy: the mother had to raise him alone, for the father had been accused of several crimes, some of which pertained to drugs, and put into prison. Josh did not make amends with him even after Levon was released.

    Young Josh Donaldson with his mother

    The troubled home influenced Josh’s behavior: the teenager was quite aggressive. Fortunately, he found a positive way to deal with it – sports – and started developing his talent. Donaldson went to the Pace High School and Faith Academy, where he practiced baseball, basketball, and soccer.

    Amateur baseball career

    Joshua continued his education at Auburn University; he played for the Auburn Tigers as an amateur.

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    All in all, the young man’s defensive stats were good; he practiced as a catcher and third baseman in this period. Donaldson’s progress was noticed: he was named the Louisville Slugger Preseason All-American in 2007.

    Professional baseball career

    Josh began his professional career with the Chicago Cubs, who drafted him in 2007. The athlete had 150 games with the team and polished his skills so that he became a valuable player when he joined the Oakland Athletics in spring 2010. Both major and minor league performances were brilliant.

    In 2012, Donaldson switched to the third-base job; he had nine homeruns; 2013 was marked with the first grand slam. His talents were finally recognized: the athlete celebrated his debuting All-Star appearance in 2014.

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    Soon, Donaldson joined the Toronto Blue Jays for three years, 2015-2018. It was a period of numerous awards and achievements. In 2018-2019, the man changed two teams, the Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves.

    Personal life

    Joshua rarely talks about his personal life. He is currently dating the woman named Briana Miller; her pictures appear on Donaldson’s Instagram and Twitter sometimes. The media reported that the athlete was cheating on Briana, but, judging by their recent photos, it is not true. The lovers are happy together, and Miller might become Donaldson’s wife soon.

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    This off season I have barely posted on Instagram. Although I’ve been on it and watching what’s going on with everyone else, I haven’t felt the same desire to post most of what has been going on in our lives. • The past 2 years brought upon so many unforeseen challenges, with injuries, being traded, moving... a few times, coming to terms with leaving my home city and country, probably for good.... leaving family and friends; let’s just say it’s been a lot. There have been ups and downs through it all, and although our relationship is not always perfect, and has given us challenges, this off season has felt like absolute bliss. This amazing man has become my best friend in ways I didn’t know were possible. He’s lifted me up when I needed it and has made me laugh more then I could ever explain. Sometimes it is the darkest days that give us the strength for the life that lies ahead of us. The growth we have had through it all is something I am forever grateful for. The life I share with you my handsome @tos_bor20 is one I cherish everyday. So needless to say, I decided to just sit back and enjoy each moment of this off season, and put my social media on the back burner. But now that we are approaching that time of year again, I am back in action! We are excited for an amazing year ahead feeling refreshed and fabulous! We have so much to look forward to in 2019! ✨Thanks to all of you who have stuck around and been patient ❤️

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    Josh Donaldson and his girlfriend, Briana Miller

    Apart from baseball, the man is fond of golf and basketball; he plays video games whenever he has some spare time. Donaldson is a great fan of the series Vikings and even contributed to the fourth season of his favorite project as an actor: he personified Hoskuld there.

    Present days

    At the end of 2019, there were many rumors that the Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers wanted to see the sportsman as their member. Eventually, the Minnesota Twins offered Donaldson an $84 million contract for four years; fans learned the news that he had accepted it in January 2020.

    Josh Donaldson’s net worth is $43 million in 2020.

    Awards and accomplishments

    • 2014-2016 - All-Star
    • 2015 - AL MVP
    • 2015, 2016 - Silver Slugger Award
    • 2015 - AL RBI leader
    • 2015 - AL Hank Aaron Award
    • 2019 - NL Comeback Player of the Year

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