Rihanna's Ex Chris Brown Feels Happy For Her Ongoing Relationship with Hassan Jameel

The romance of 30-year-old Rihanna and 29-year-old Hassan Jameel became known in June 2017. But the Barbados singer and the billionaire from Saudi Arabia didn’t want to show off and almost didn’t appear together in public, so after some time the press started talking about their parting. However, despite all the rumors, lovers are still together - this is evidenced by pictures of the paparazzi, taken last weekend.

The reaction of her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, was unexpectedly positive. He told that he was happy if Ri was happy and wished her long warm relationship with Hassan Jameel. Such reaction was found insincere and devious by fans as before he tried to flirt with Rihanna, as if there had been no scandalous breakup because of his assault.

Nevertheless, the hip hop artist continues to stay in contact with his ex-girlfriend, putting complimentary comments to Rihanna's photos and subscribed to her Instagram. Obviously, he still hasn't abandoned his daydreams about a ‘Mrs. Rihanna Brown.’

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