The True Reasons Why Magic Johnson Left The Lakers

The team of Los Angeles Lakers needs great changes. The Magic Johnson’ resignation as the president became the first part of this big restructuring.

Magic has been the president of Lakers since February 2017, when he changed Mitch Kupchak on this post. And this period of team can hardly be called successful. The member status of Hall of Fame doesn’t guarantee the possession of necessary qualities of manager. Magic Johnson was criticized for making the wrong choice of club’s development. Also, he is considered to be the main reason for Lakers’ missing playoffs.

Magic claimed that it was very hard decision for him, but he had been happier in a status of a former NBA star and a businessman. He confessed his love to Lakers and didn’t want to disappoint Jeanie Bass. According to his words he burst into tears before the press conference. In a club structure nobody knew about his decision so it became a big surprise for all.

Adrian Wojnarowski wrote that Magic had always had frivolous attitude to work, he had liked to travel without team, hadn’t scouted and had spent little time in office. This information can explain why Magic steps down as the president, faced really difficult problems.

However, recently Magic held a meeting with agents of Lebron James and Chris Paul and then nothing hinted that it were the last days of Magic’s ruling. That’s why there is a popular opinion that his decision is a protest. Initially before the game with Portland it was expected that the coaching staff would retire. That did not happen and Magic, who claimed about the necessity of this action, decided to leave the club.

A source close to Magic claimed: “Though it upset a lot of people, he feels that it was the right decision. He wants to be the Magic whom Lakers fans remember from the “Showtime Era”. And he didn’t want to taint his legacy with the team being so bad because the blame would all fall on him, so leaving now was what needed to happen in his eyes.”

In the 2018-2019 NBA season the Los Angeles Lakers’ wins to losses ration was 37-45. The team’s former president couldn’t ignore this fact. These numbers have become the worst since the 2012-2013 season. Magic considered this fact the result of his management and didn’t find reasons for improving the situation. He is used to winning, but these two years were really rough, things didn’t work in the form, in which he wanted.

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