TOP 5 Most Highly-Paid Hollywood Actresses

Striking, stunning, talented and professional, every time different but all the time well-groomed – that’s what we all imagine once hearing “Hollywood actresses”. Thinking about the glory of Hollywood life we frequently forget the financial point of such a lifestyle. Who of the famous Hollywood actresses get the biggest sums of money for their job? Let’s find out and make a rating of 5 most highly-paid Hollywood actresses.

5th – Emma Stone

Emily Jean widely known as Emma Stone found herself on the top of fame after having the mail role in the “La-la-land” movie. In spite of the fact that Emily represents the member of the celebrity since 2013, a huge fame came to her in 2017 and obviously caused increasing of her earnings – for one movie Emily earns about $16 million.

4th – Kristen Stewart

The permanent star of the Vampire Saga keeps making viewers happy by working as an actress. This activity bears its fruits – Kristen Stewart’s earnings for one movie are close to $22 million. The actress also constantly experiments with her style – a good sign of energy and a desire to develop the career and never stop.

3rd – Jennifer Lawrence

28-years-old cute blonde is already a star of several famous movies including “The Hunger Games”. After becoming extremely popular in 2014-2015 years, Jennifer Lawrence tried the field of model business making a contract with “Dior” fashion company. It can hardly surprise anyone – many times Jennifer Lawrence was worthy called one of the most beautiful women of the world, who makes, by the way, about $26 million for every movie.

2nd – Jennifer Aniston

Rachel from the “Friends” – that’s how lot of people know this actress. However, after this popular funny movie Aniston expanded her professional portfolio with works of various styles which developed not only her experiences but also turned her into one of the most well-paid Hollywood actresses who makes about $28 million for a movie. During last 10 years Aniston also practiced the director’s activity and successfully presented several movies to viewers.

1st – Angelina Jolie

The woman who has managed to become not only a famous actress and the reference of beauty, but also the UN’s Ambassador, a mother of six children and a benefactress could not be not included in a rating of the most highly-paid actresses – her earning for every movie is about $30 million what is the biggest index among Hollywood actresses. The influence of Jolie is the same huge as her earnings – she is practicing teaching and various kinds of social activities.

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