Scott Disick Presents Diet Product On His Instagram: Fans Got Angry

Well-known Family Jenner-Kardashian participated in the promotion of products for weight loss. In this regard, celebrities have been criticized by subscribers. Kim Kardashian criticized for excessive excitement for her body and a negative impact on other women.

Also, people were unhappy with the deception by the Stars. The fact is that everyone is well aware of the fact that Kim has performed numerous surgical operations, but this does not prevent her from saying that her perfect body is the result of lollipops for weight loss.

This promotion was supported by Kim’s sisters – Kylie, Khloe, Kris, and Kourtney Kardashian.

Kourtney advertised Flatt Tummy, a food replacement product, in January 2019, but after a misunderstanding from followers, she had to remove the ad post.

Kourtney’s ex-Husband – Scott Disick faced aggression from the followers, after another Instagram post. This post advertised products "Boom Bod". This products promised to boost weight loss by reducing bloating and nixing cravings.

Considering that Scott is a man with an athletic body, fans realized that He advertises this product just for money. Obviously, it was to be expected that the fans would become enraged and bewildered by such deception.

Many followers tried to press on the conscience of the star.

They commented on his posts, wrote phrases like: «Should be ashamed to promote this.»

Unsatisfied people can be understood, because everyone wants to have the shape of their dreams, but not everyone is ready to ruin their health for a beautiful body.

But how true are the accusations of people in adventurism and deception remains unknown.

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