Kylie Jenner's Surgeries: Before and After

It's very difficult to hide some things that happen in celebrity lives from annoying fans, but women from the Kardashian-Jenner clan managed to keep some secrets. It is about the magical transformation of Kylie Jenner from the gray mouse into the modern secular lioness.

The Cosmetic surgery has made a great impact on her in giving her a complete change in the outer look.

Cardinal changes occurred in 2014, when Kylie decided to make bullhorn-plastic.

Before that plastic, Kylie had a very thin upper lip, so when it suddenly increased, the fans reacted ambiguously. Someone even said that she looks like a bee bit her lip.

Kylie before the surgery
Kylie after the surgery

It is difficult to say for sure, but it is likely that Kylie has changed the shape of the nose. In 2014, it was noticeable that the wings of the actress’s nose from some angles are much wider. Now the tip of her nose is slightly twisted, so it can be called perfect. Kylie’s nose job has changed her face completely, and she has to bear many complications for such a procedure, but it's hard not to notice that now model looks awesome.

Before the surgery

Kylie's sisters — Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, had naturally large and sexy breasts, so she always envied them. By the age of 19 she managed to do two breast augmentation operations.

Kylie had a graceful body, so breast augmentation was a nice addition to her appearance.

The star had an amazing example in the face of elder sister Kim, whose prominent forms fell into all famous magazines.

Like her sister, Kylie is a model who likes to expose her body at photo shoots for famous magazines, so she also made a lift of the hips and buttocks.

The scar on the actress’s buttocks may indicate a lifting and implant placement.


Her present figure has got her status of a perfect model, and she has expressed interest in pursuing the acting career too.

It’s scary to imagine how much money a star has spent on her transformation, but money is not the most important thing in this story.

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