What You Wanted To Know About Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman

The golfing legend Tiger Woods is famous for his brilliant success in sports. But there is one more part of his life which seems to pay much more of audience´s attention: his numerous love affairs. Recently he secured the Master title for the fifth time – and the more curious event was that all the way long he was accompanied and supported by Erica Herman. Was it the reason why he won his first major during eleven years? Even if it wasn’t, it is obvious that the famous sportsman has opened a new page in his life called “Erica Herman”. Let’s follow him and discover some more about his new girlfriend.

One of the rumors that Tiger Woods sparked by himself about catching a new “birdie” to his nets later was partly confirmed by a photo published in mass media source. Woods was captured while watching the US win the President Cup in 2017. Next to him – once again Erica Herman hugging the golf star. She is, by the way, a manager of a pop-up restaurant called “The Woods”. One more intrigues fact: Erica had the special “player spouse” badge which is usually given to sportsmen’s wives and girlfriends. As the future has shown, it was not just a case: in November a couple appeared in public events without any intention to hide their recently born relationship. Later, when Tiger Woods won his historic 80th PGA at the Tour Championship in Georgia, Herman gave him congratulations.

What is also known about Erica Herman? She has been dating Woods over a year and they more likely met each other through the job. Moreover, according to some mass media, Erica Herman is known as a “hard partier” and a ”gold digger”. Speaking about Woods, some sources suggest that she had her eyes on him for years, although her previous boyfriend was Jesse Newton.

As we see, a personality of Erica Herman is still shrouded by many mysteries. The only thing is clear – Erica and Tiger look like a harmonious couple able to build firm and long relationship.

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