Spice Girl Mel B denies lesbian affair with Geri Horner

The Spice Girls reunion tour promised to be one of the most anticipated events in 2019 celebrating the long-time friendship, yet things just couldn’t be spotless. March 2019 brought the sensational statement from Mel B at the interview with Piers Morgan as she insisted she had a one-time stand with then Geri Halliwell back in the 1990s.

The news was a surprise for the rest of the bandmates. According to Emma Bunton, she has never heard about that before; when Breakfast Show’s host Chris Evans suggested it was “a gossip bomb in sort of vintage Hollywood PR style” to keep the public interest Spicy, she did not deny it.

Mel B, 43, claimed she had a “fun” fling with Geri once, as a sort of experiment. Nothing of that kind appeared in the singer’s recent autobiography Brutally Honest, though. When asked about the inconsistency, Melanie said she focused on a different kind of honesty; she had also denied the affair in the old interviews which seeds the idea of the PR twist.

“She’s going to kill me and so’s her husband. She’s not that posh now, is she?” added Brown. Indeed, Geri’s husband, Chris Horner, might not be particularly happy about the current media ruffle, even if it was something to giggle about for the bandmates.

Sources informed that Melanie immediately called Geri after the show; she looked nervous.

Geri Horner’s reaction came later. She expressed her love for Spice Girls including Victoria Beckham, who decided to stay out of the reunion, but emphasized the speculations were “disappointing” and harmed her family.

The bombshell news threatened the upcoming tour concerts and spread panic among fans. The media reported Mel B did not appear on rehearsals, but the latest stories sound much more optimistic. The celebrities seem to have put aside their conflict: Ginger Spice has shared the video on Instagram referring to one of the songs performed by Mel B; Bunton confirmed the group would go to the tour and comforted fans: “We are all good”.

The first show will take place in Dublin on May 24, 2019.

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