5 Famous People Who Suffered From Bipolar Disorder

If you think that being famous can defend people from suffering mental illnesses, you are dead wrong. Another question is whether or not celebs have got the nerves to eventually come out with their problems.

Let us bring to light one of the most burning ‘mental issues’ of today. That is: bipolar disorder.

Believe it or not, there are numerous big names who have this diagnosis.

We will start with a real lioness in the world of pop music.

1. Mariah Carey

It is really hard to imagine that this cheerful chart-topping singer could experience constant mood fluctuations together with lengthy periods of decline. But this is true to the life of Mariah. She recalls being diagnosed with bipolar disorder back into 2001. We would be happy to say that since then she has been changing her life for the better. Unfortunately, it is not true as she herself remembers living many years in ‘denial and isolation’ before she finally made her mind to seek professional aid after some serious troubles in both private life and career.

2. Mel Gibson

This talented actor with 50+ films on his account – to say nothing about various TV roles – confessed to having a bipolar disorder in a documentary of 2008. It is quite typical for bipolar patients to undergo dramatic changes from being on cloud nine to being totally down in the dumps. Seems that Mel Gibson’s active, even hectic, life pace could be explained through his boom periods. Just imagine: quite a few roles in movies as well as directing and producing. As for his crisis-torn episodes, we learnt about them from numerous police reports.

3. Kurt Cobain

This super star and member of ‘Club 27’ was just unlucky: primarily diagnosed with ADHD, he got the BPD diagnosis later. Unfortunately, Kurt's indisputable success as performer and co-founder of the iconic grunge rock band did not prevent him from committing suicide.

4. Jimi Hendrix

Sometimes, people cannot control the disorder’s negative manifestations. For instance, the world’s rock legend got expelled from school, could not last too long in the Army and broke the law time and again. Jimi is also known as member of ‘Club 27’.

5. Ernest Hemingway

Let us face the music: BPD is nothing to boast off. Still, you can use the positive cycle to the best. Just like this huge Nobel Prize-winning author did. On the other hand, Ernest's meaningful creative life did not save him from committing a suicide as well.

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