3 Sensational Celebrity Cheating Scandals 2019

Relationship can seem to be ideal only in the very beginning. Then it become harder to keep mutual understanding and avoid conflicts. But the most weighty reason for breaking up has always been cheating. Celebrity couples aren't exceptional. Let's revise what famous couples have broken up recently.

1) Hollywood actor Kevin Hart, best known for his comedy films, “ A Little married,” and “Think Like a Man,” was punished for cheating on his wife, Eniko Parrish, while she was pregnant.

Frolicking with another woman, while his spouse Eniko Parrish carries their child, turned to Hart with multi-million dollar blackmail, scandal and investigation by the FBI. This is written in the American media.

Hart's video with another woman got into the press.

To avoid publicity to Kevin, whose caress with an unknown person turned out to be recorded on video, offered in exchange for an 8-digit amount. In the video, a man like Hart flirts with a woman in a nightclub, and then rubs with her in bed.

They tried to blackmail the actor, but he turned to the law enforcement agencies.

FBI sources said that investigators had already found the man who demanded money from the star.

Meanwhile, Kevin made a public statement in which he apologized to his wife Eniko Parrish. Garth's remorse has already gained 3 million Instagram views.

"Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I love you all", said the actor.

2) Prince William is suspected of treason Kate Middleton with her best friend.

For the past few days, Western media have been discussing the alleged betrayal of Prince William of Kate Middleton. The first about the misdemeanor of the Duke of Cambridge began talking edition In Touch. At first, it was only talk and speculation, but recently rumors took a much more serious turn, because the tabloids received information that William was cheating on Kate during her third pregnancy.

The media does not have any evidence that there is more to the friendship between William and Kate Rose Hanbury’s best friend. However, The Daily Beast claims that Kensington Palace was very alarmed by the In Touch article, although it did not comment on what was written. The newspaper’s insider shared with the media that, upon hearing of the rumors, Middleton had forbidden William to communicate with his girlfriend. “Kate and William look like a perfect couple who can't do anything bad. However, the reality is that all couples have their own problems, and they are no exception,”an anonymous source said.

Other insiders told a little more: they said that in fact rumors of treason were spreading more than a year ago, and that, having learned about them, the duchess broke off all ties with Rose Hanbury, whose friendship lasted more than ten years. “It is not surprising that these rumors finally leaked to the network. This case is too loud to remain secret, ”sources said. Of course, there were those who immediately doubted the veracity of the words of others, finding that social networks simply exaggerated everything. Fans and ordinary users can only follow the developments.

3. Emma Roberts left Evan Peters for Kirsten Dunst's ex-boyfriend.

Emma Roberts' longstanding relationship with American Horror Story stars Evan Peters has come to an end. The publication of UsWeekly shared the news that the 28-year-old actress broke off the engagement with her fiancé and is now meeting with 34-year-old Garrett Hedlund. According to Western media reports, such a sudden breakup did not come as a surprise to Peters, and he and Emma Roberts remained friends.

“Emma and Evan were long gone. He already moved out from her. It was not a painful parting, so now they are just friends, ”an anonymous source said. The couple is not the first to end the relationship: in 2015, they had broken off the engagement, but then reunited again. The relationship of Roberts and Peters could not be called cloudless. They began dating in 2012 on the set of the film “Adult World”, and a year later the actress was arrested for attacking her lover. Then the representatives of the actors called the incident a misunderstanding, and Roberts was released after interrogation.

According to insiders, Emma broke up with Evan a few weeks ago and now spends time with ex-boyfriend of Kirsten Dunst - Garrett Hedlund. The actor is known to the wide audience by the films “Troy” and “Tron: Legacy ”. “Garrett and Emma were just friends, but what happens between them is something new,” the source said. He also added that he saw the couple walking around Los Angeles holding hands. Unfortunately, the paparazzi at the moment was not there.

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