Sophie Turner: Depression During The Shootings of Game of Thrones

Actress Sophie Turner, who gained fame after the role of Sansa Stark in the series "Game of Thrones", told about how fame almost brought her to suicide.

Sophie Turner became famous at the age of 14. Now the 23-year-old actress admitted that over the past six years she had mental problems, which were criticised by others, reports StarHit. The girl even admitted that she thought about suicide, but clarified that she could never do it indeed. Turner said that after 17 years, many of her friends went to college, and she was left alone with negative criticism.

British actress Sophie Turner in the middle of April came to the show of the American psychologist Dr. Phil, who often talks with the stars, and not only about their mental problems and life turmoil. Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones chatted with the host about how her shooting in the most popular TV series influenced her life.

The actress admitted that in her family the problem of mental health was always acute. Also the actress is still being treated for depression. The disease began in a girl around 2013, when Turner was already in full swing involved in shooting "Game of Thrones" . Sophie was then 17 years old, and the depression attacked her completely suddenly. The girl even thought about suicide - but now she believes that she would hardly have hurt herself.

“It was a combination of media influence, departure of close and age-related changes. Until I was 17, I was a happy child. And then, among other things, my metabolism slowed down, I gained weight. I could not stand the test of social media, any comments hurt me, ”she says.

Now Sophie is aware of her problem and is actively working on her solution. Her fiancé helps her in this way. To improve her health, Turner even decided to change her profession and leave the cinema. The actress admitted that she was always interested in the work of the police.

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