Top 5 Celebrities Being Arrested

According to statistics we can say that celebrities like scandals, connected to police. Otherwise there are no explanations why after 4 months from the beginning of the year so many crimes were committed by celebrities. You must have heard about main cases, such as Jussie Smollett and her false police report, actress Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman with corruption scandal, music celebs Bow Wow and 21 Savage. You could miss some arrests. That is why we have made up the list of Top 5 celebrities being arrested in 2019.

Young Thug

Young Thug was in West Hollywood with a group of friends. They were riding to the 2019 Grammy Awards, but were stopped by police. Young Thug violated some traffic laws and policemen wanted to write him a fine. At that moment one of Thug’s passengers reported to the police about having a registered firearm. After inspection cops found that the gun wasn’t registered in California and arrested the man. Young Thug was able to continue on his way and went to the ceremony, where he won song of the year.

Soulja Boy

Among a lot of scandalous news around Soulja Boy in 2019, you might not have noticed that he was arrested in March. As we know, in 2016 police found two guns in the Soulja’s house. It was a violation of his probation terms. This year police also found some ammo in the basement of his house. He violated the rules again and was arrested for it.

Jordan Klepper

Not only rappers were subject to police sanctions in 2019. Comedian Jordan Klepper was also arrested. He took a part in a protest. He complained that foreign students, who didn’t have any documents, could be filmed in the upcoming Comedy Central show. It happened in the Georgia Capitol Building, where the Board of Regents meeting was held. The police ordered nine people to leave the meeting, but the protesters refused to do it.

Conor McGregor

The Conor’s deeds no longer surprise anyone. He is an illustrative example of UFC fighter, who can’t control his anger. This time his victim became unknown fan outside of a Miami Beach hotel. The fan wanted to take a photo of Conor, but when McGregor saw it, he snatched the phone and broke it. Then he picked it up and left. But the police got the incident’s video and took Conor into custody.

Joey Gaydos

Do you remember the kid who was the lead guitarist in School of Rock? That’s probably the last time you saw Joey Gaydos. So, what’s he been up to these days? Well, not much, except for stealing guitars and an amplifier a whopping four times in five weeks! He simply walked into the shop pretending he was there to purchase something and went out of it with stolen goods which reportedly included an $800 Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul, a $699 Fender Stratocaster, and a $1,900 Gibson Les Paul.

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