10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Joaquin Phoenix

There are some things you don't know about Hollywood actors, they are like hidden gems and today we'll tell you some about Joaquin Phoenix. So, let's start.

Joaquin Phoenix | Instagram
Joaquin Phoenix | Instagram

1. He became vegan when he was three

The actor is a strict vegan and a vivid supporter of animal protection. He stands firmly in his beliefs – cruelty to animals isn’t affordable. He believes that people don’t need to eat meat to survive, and the actor is ready to speak about the vital problem of such damaging industries as livestock farming what he does as a spokesperson of PETA. Sometimes his ideas and beliefs come across with career’s interests. Thus one day, Joaquin refused to wear leathered shoes from the world-famous designer and preferred to go barefooted.

2. Symbolic names

The actor was born in a religious family, who joined the religious cult sometimes and spent traveled around South America. His parents decided to change their surname to Phoenix after the mythical bird, which symbolized the new beginning. In his early childhood, Joaquin decided to call himself as a Leaf. He used this name as a child actor wanting to have a more nature-related name as his five siblings had.

3. Personal tragedy

He started his career alongside his brother, and sister, River, and Summer. All siblings had close relationships. That’s why the actor was broken after the death of his brother from an overdose. Joaquin’s brother died in his eyes in the night club. The whole year the actor struggled with grief and depression.

4. Addictions

The actor had addictions too. Thus in 2005, he treated from alcoholism in rehab.

5. The beginning rapper

In 2008 the actor announced his retirement; he stated that he was going to pursue a rapping career!

That time Joaquin appeared on the T.V. show to present his movie “Two Lovers” as the last picture with him. He conducted in rather a strange way, incoherent and unresponsive. Later he appeared on the show again and confessed that his news about retirement and eccentric behavior was made for mockumentary “I’m Still Here” where he starred. This work demanded him to stay in character for two years, and he couldn’t even tell friends about his never-ending performance!

6. Nuttiness that we love

Nevertheless, his announcement of retirement and career of the rapper is not the only odd thing about the actor. He is the actor with a nuttiness which is sheer hard.

7. Stay in character

Playing the musician Johnny Cash, he asked all cast call him “J.R.” all the time on the set. Later he confessed that he is embarrassed about it.

8. Girls

The actor dated his co-star Liv Tyler for three years, but the couple broke. Now he is engaged with the other actress Rooney Mara.

9. Principles and fans

The actor doesn’t take pictures with fans, even though he doesn’t mind to have a conversation with people.

10. No need in recognition

Even though the actor had numerous awards and endless nominations, Joaquin calls awards “a terrible tasting carrot.” He doesn’t like prizes as they put people against each other. He shared when the movie went through all the awards, he felt very uncomfortable and wouldn’t want to repeat this experience.

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