10 Weird Facts About Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie attracts the public's attention thanks to both her acting and intriguing life. The 10 weird facts prove that she is phenomenal both as an actress and a person thanks her original spirit and eccentric behavior.

Angelina Jolie | Instagram
Angelina Jolie | Instagram

1. Wild child

Since childhood, the actress was enchanted by mysteries and… death. She was so fascinated that dreamt of becoming a funeral director! Later, fortunately, she changed her mind and became one of the most charming actresses. However, even as an adult, she kept thinking about death all the time. The actress said that such thoughts made her appreciate life. Besides, the actress doesn't like hugs. In one interview, she confessed that she doesn't like it since childhood.

2. First love

When she was fourteen, she fell in love and decided to marry her young man. The couple was overwhelmed by their relationship and chose to live together. They were ready to live on the street if parents wouldn't support them. The actress's mother permitted to live with her boyfriend in her room. Their relationships ended two years later.

3. Her obsessive crush

She fell head over heels with Doctor Spock, the fictional character of Cosmic saga "Star Treck." Besides, she was crushed on a psycho.

4. Love to reptiles and knives

She also has not typical of women's interests. For example, she gathered a vast collection of knives. Her favorite animals are reptiles. She has a lizard and a few snakes — her other interest in aviation. Angelina got the pilot license and can fly on a small private plane.

5. Gestures of love

In recent years the public's eye is on her relationship with Brad Pitt, which is full of dramatism. Nevertheless, her previous relationships don't stand aside. The first time when Angelina married, she chose a somewhat eccentric bride's dress. She wore black leather pants and a white shirt with her husband's name in her blood on the back of the shirt. Later she said that the actress wanted to make this event special. She succeeded! When she married the second time, the actress decided to "make it special" in another way. She and her husband wore necklaces with each other's blood. When she was going to marry Brad, it was he who decided to make unique gifts. He designed the ring for her, which was being prepared for one year.

6. Health issues

The doctors told the actress that she had a rare gene that almost guarantees that she would have breast cancer one day. To prevent it, Angelina decided to have a double mastectomy. After surgery, the actress stated that she didn't felt less of a woman. Moreover, Angie said that she felt empowered as she made such a tough decision.

7. Spot on the reputation

Her public image was somewhat controversial at the beginning of the actress's career. Thus, she was spotted kissing with her blood brother one day. In one interview, she said that she was so in love with her brother. Such kind of announcements made people think about incest, but the actress denied it was saying that it was very disappointing that something pure "was turned into a circus." The other unpleasant rumor concerned her relationship with Pitt. People suspected that Angelina was having an affair when Pitt was still married to Jennifer Anniston. But the actress denied it. Her father cheated her mother and left their family when Angie was one year old. That's why the relationship with married men is taboo for her.

8. Kids

The actress has three biological kids, among them there are twins whose parents sold their pictures to the magazine for $14 million! By the way, the actress always follows the rule 1/3, which means to give away 1/3 of what you have, spend 1/3 of what you earn, and save 1/3 of earnings.

9. Appearance

When she was young, her mother dyed her blondie hair. Since those times, the actress stayed a brown-haired. Besides, she made her first tattoo in her mother's presence. In total, she has fourteen tattoos.

10. Thoughts

Having suicidal thoughts in her teenage years, the actress said that she surprised that she reached her 40th birthday.

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