10 Exciting Facts About Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke, who has become famous after her role in Game of Thrones, has a very interesting path to fame. Here are 10 exciting facts about the life of the talented woman, which will let you know more about her.

Emilia Clarke | Instagram
Emilia Clarke | Instagram

1.Parent's attitude toward acting

The renowned actress had come through many obstacles to earned her fame. But her desire to become an actress was so strong that she succeeded in it. Her parents always supported her in her beginnings, although they worried a little about their daughter and warned the girl about possible upcoming difficulties


From childhood, the celebrity has beautiful wide eyebrows. She is thankful for her mother, who told her, when she was young, not to touch them. Now, she is proud to have them. Moreover, Emilia can show very emotional facial expressions with her natural eyebrows.

3. She has changed several jobs

It seems that successful people reach their heights easily, but it's not about Emilia. She knew that becoming an actress is like to play roulette. Before she got the role in Game of Thrones, Emilia used to work a lot: she has changed several jobs, including working as a server, a bartender, a call center agent, and a licensed real estate agent.

4. Real hair color

Everybody knows Emilia for her memorable blond wig which she wears in the series Game of Thrones. To the surprise, no everyone knows the real color of the actress's hair. Her natural color is brown. She makes jokes that very often people don't recognize her on the streets.

5. Nudes

Of course, acting sometimes makes you do things you never did before. Emilia admitted that she has had many sex scenes which made her feel bad. But she realized that it's just a movie, took a break, and then returned back to shooting.

6. Romances

There are a lot of rumors about Emilia Clarke’s romantic life, as for now, the 33-year old actress is known to be single. From 2012 to 2013 she has dated Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy. There were a couple of reasons for the breakup. One, there were serious problems because of the long-distance nature of their relationship. For awhile she was suspected to be dating Charlie McDowell, the movie director.

7. How did Emilia get her role for Daenerys?

It's funny, but she decided to behave naturally: Emilia showed a funky chicken dance during her audition and was admired by everyone in the room. That's how she amazed the directors with her sense of humor.

8. Traveling

The actress adores seeing new places. She is very adventurous and has been to many countries. She prefers an active lifestyle and every time she has free time – Emilia goes traveling.

9. Love for animals

Clarke is the owner of a dog named Roxy. She said that her love for pets is big. There was an amusing moment during one of the movie shootings: she had to eat a horse’s heart! Luckily, it was made of gummy bears, but the actress felt herself very awkward.


During her shooting in the movie Me Before You, the actress decided to keep this moment as a keepsake. She made a bumblebee tattoo on one of her pinkies. The tattoo is very small but reminds her of good times.

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