10 Curious Facts About Tilda Swinton

You can hardly name any other actress who is just as inimitable as Tilda Swinton. The magnificent star of the vampire indie Only Lovers Left Alive never ceases to wonder the audience. Here are ten curious facts about the artist.

Tilda Swinton | Britannica.com

1. Looking like a Simpson character

The black comedy Burn After Reading starred Swinton in 2008. She confessed her character felt like someone peculiar: “I was reminded of Edna Krabappel’s, from The Simpsons”. Whether Katie Cox bears some resemblance to her is up to you.

2. Little Tilda hated her younger brother

As a girl, the actress not only hated her baby brother but also felt like killing him. He was the third boy in the family, which was overwhelming for the four-year-old child.

3. Royal friendship

Tilda changed several schools and attended the same school and class as Princess Diana once; they made good friends.

4. Bridget Jones's Diary with Tilda

The actress could have played the charming publisher obsessed with diets, which would make an entirely different story.

5. Rainbow flag holder

In 2013, Tilda did the unthinkable in the heart of Russia – she held a rainbow flag to support the local LGBT community. If Russians attempt anything like that, they are likely to be put to prison today.

6. Volunteering

She used to work as a volunteer in South Africa and Kenya before entering Cambridge.

7. Family projects

The actress’s kids, Honor and Xavier, worked on Doctor Strange (2016) as a part of the costume and graphic teams; their mother played The Ancient One.

8. Tasteful parent

There was no TV set in Tilda Swinton’s house when the twins were growing up. The children did not feel much worried about it – their mom’s movie choices, from Hitchcock to Miyazaki, were always impeccable and gave the most exciting experience.

9. Dog lover and director

Even Tilda’s dogs are screen stars. In 2018, the celebrity’s springer spaniels appeared in the opera video for The Glass Handel project; she co-created it with the visual artist Sandro Kopp. Perhaps, even those who are not so fond of opera took a fancy in the cute creatures running around a beach in Scotland.

10. The Academy Awards winner who had never watched the ceremony

The actress confessed in one of her interviews her expectations of the luxurious event were somehow different, for she never saw it on TV. Her only knowledge was based on the 1992 drama The Bodyguard, so she had the “much pumped-up” idea that caught her surprised.

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