10 Facts About Life of A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is an American songwriter, rapper, record producer, music video director, model and singer. There are some facts not known to everybody.

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1.A$AP Rocky has changed his name.

His original name is Rakim Athelaston Mayers.

2.A$AP Rocky has his own style.

He doesn’t like to follow true and tried ways of creating music, he follows an experimental approach instead. He is well-known for being a fashion freak and crazy lover of girlfriends.

3. Rocky was born in a poor family

Rocky opened his eyes in a poor family, next to the crime-infested area. The rapper had to go through adverse circumstances at the beginning of his life. His parents didn’t have enough money to support his education. A$AP lived hand to mouth with his mother and sister. He had a dream to become an international rap star.

4.Rakim didn’t have enough time to practice music skills.

Rakim didn’t want to waste time doing nominal jobs to earn a livelihood. He had a craze for music for the beginning. That’s why he started working hard to prove worth as a musician. He didn’t have enough time to keep practicing music skills.

5.Rakim is popular for his unique style.

The second album of the star topped the US Billboard Charts and helped Rakim become an internationally recognized singer. Aside from his deep interest in music, Rocky is popular for his unique style in music. He has been linked with renowned female celebrities in the past. Media and news agencies keep hanging around the fabulous musician.

6. Rakim’s father sold drugs.

When Rocky was just 12-years of age, his father was arrested by police as he was selling drugs. In 2012, rapper’s father died a natural death.

7. Rakim lost two prominent family members in a couple of years.

Rakim lost his father and brother who were killed. This motivated Rocky to work with great dedication to launch himself in the music industry. Following the footsteps of his deceased father and brother, Rakim started to sell drugs to support family. In 2004, he suffered from imprisonment when got arrested in a drug case.

8.A$AP Rocky had relations with the beautiful Australian singer Iggy Azalea.

Rocky started dating the beautiful Australian rapper named Iggy Azalea in 2011. Both of them had a great time together and confirmed their relationship in front of media on January 15, 2012. In July 2012, Rocky stated that he is not dating the Aussie lady anymore. At the beginning of 2013, Rakim fell in love with the beautiful model Chanel Iman. Different reports revealed that both stars got engaged in April 2014. The duo spent a few months together, but soon separated in June 2014. Rocky has not married any girlfriend as yet. Recently, he has been spotted the beautiful model Jasmine Daniels.

9. A$AP Rocky was imprisoned.

In July 2019, Rocky was involved in a physical attack in Sweden. Therefore, he was detained by police upon further investigation. He was sent under imprisonment and the court asked him to pay damages of around 12,500 krona (approximately $1,300). He was found guilty in that case. The guy has also been involved in some criminal activities before starting his venture in the music industry.

10. Rakim’s nickname has different meanings.

A$AP symbolizes different things such as Always Strive And Prosper, Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose, and Assassinating Snitches and Police.

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