10 Surprising Facts You Still Don't Know about Charlize Theron

Everybody knows that Charlize Theron is a famous model and actress. But not everyone knows about her tough childhood, getting the first role and passions. Here are 10 surprising facts about the celebrity who rose to fame thanks to her talents and strong will.

Charlize Theron | Instagram
Charlize Theron | Instagram

1. Childhood

When Charlize was a young girl, her father, who was an alcoholic, abused her and her mother, who in self-defense killed him. It happened in front of Charlize's eyes. The girl told her friends that her dad died in a car accident. Only later, she revealed the truth.

2. Dreams

Theron had a dream when she was a little girl: she wanted to become a ballet dancer. At the age of 12, her mother noticed her talents and Charlize went to the school to learn dancing. However, she got an injury on her knee during one of the training and had to forget about her dream.

3. First role

How to become an actress? Here is the story of Charlize: when she was 19, she had a conflict with a bank teller at a bank in Los Angeles. The beautiful woman was noticed by John Crosby, a manager, who offered her an agent. This ridiculous moment changed all her life: Charlize got her first role in the American horror movie.

4. Sacrifices for the movie

To perform the part in the biographical crime drama movie Monster, the actress was brave enough to gain over 30 pounds! Charlize, with her perfect appearance, took this step because she wanted to play the real character.

5. Mother

The actress never wanted to be a single mother, nobody wants, but her relationships with men broke up one after another. She wanted to have children and decided to adopt two kids: a son and a daughter. After doing this, she felt very happy.

6. Mercy

Charlize earns a lot of money, but she also helps people a lot. She does a lot of charity work: she promotes The Global Fund. Growing up on a farm, she spent a lot of time with animals. The celebrity said that she had a pet goat Bok whom she loved in her childhood. She named him her best friend. Now she advocates for animal rights and poses for the anti-fur ads.

7. Passion

The famous star has a big passion, which, according to her words, makes her feel more confident and helps to relax and forget about all problems. She owns a motorcycle and rides it every time she wants to distract from work.

8. Advertisement

Charlize appears in commercials, including Dior perfume, which brings her $2 million every year. She also gets $2.5 million per year endorsing Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil.

9. Small secret

The beautiful actress has two tattoos: a nice tattoo of a flower on her right foot and a florid Koi fish tattoo on the right ankle. The tattoos are not very big and can be seen only when the celebrity wears open shoes.

10. Charlize suffers from OCD

It is known, that the actress likes everything to be clean and tidy. Some people say that she suffers from OCD. Charlize shared with her fans that during the trips or movie shoots, she checks all her rooms and even lockers: only when she is sure everything is tidy, she can feel relaxed.

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