10 Facts About Career of Penélope Cruz

She is a talented actress with a bright personality. Since childhood, Penélope displayed vivid interest in acting and dancing. Being a motivated and active person, she applied for an agent when she was a teenager. The first success came to her after the appearance in the Spanish movies. Later she moved to Hollywood to expand her popularity and establish herself as a skilled actress deserving the best leading roles in Hollywood. The actress mesmerizes the audience with her vulcanic in-screen range. She can play many characters, but she is especially good at portraying passionate and strong women.

Penelope Cruz | Instagram
Penelope Cruz | Instagram

1. Philanthropy

The actress supports people who got in trouble. She spends the number of hours and money. Thus she worked with Mother Teresa and later named this experience the most exciting thing in her life.

2. Childhood

The actress was raised in Madrid, and since youth was genuinely interested in dancing. She devoted nine years to ballet. She remembered that as a girl, she was very extroverted and motivated. She applied for the agency three times. The agent rejected her due to her early age, but she returned.

3. Family

The actress is married to her co-star of several movies - Javier Bardem. The twosome has got two children, a boy, and a girl. Before she married, the actress had love affairs with Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey. Today she took time to raise and keep her family, denying many roles. However, she periodically makes her fans happy and appears on various pictures.

4. Career

The 25-year-old actress decided to move to Hollywood, where she played several leading roles the same year. But she met sparse critical estimation and was better known for her love affairs with the famous Hollywood actors.

5. Breakthrough

A turning point of her career happened in 2001 when she appeared on the psychological thriller and crime movie alongside A-list actors. The movie gained commercial success and mixed critical reviews.

6. Vegetarian

In 2000 she decided to become a vegetarian after the work on “All Pretty Horses.”

7. Polyglot

The actress speaks fluently several languages, among them Italian, French, Spanish and English.

8. Habits

The actress prefers a relaxed tempo of life. She enjoys staying in bed for 18 hours. She is a smoker and abuses Coke.

9. Nomination

Once, the actress was nominated on Oscar but hadn’t any idea of it. She changed her phone number, and nobody could connect her.

10. Friend

The actress is known for her long-termed friendship with Salma Hayek.

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