10 Fresh Facts about Sharon Stone You Don't Know

We all know Sharon Stone – an American actress, producer, and also model in the past. Her two most significant roles in the 1990s were Catherine Tramell in the Basic Instinct (1992) and Ginger McKenna in the Casino (1995). After her appearance in the Basic Instinct, Stone became a sex symbol. But there is something that not everyone knows about her:

Sharon Stone | yandex.by
Sharon Stone | yandex.by

1. No biological children.

Although Sharon has three sons, Roan Joseph Bronstein, Laird Vonne, and Quinn Kelly Stone, she did not give birth to any of them – all three were adopted by the actress. Currently, she resides with her kids in the house in West Hollywood, California.

2. She has a scar on her neck.

There is a large scar on Sharon’s neck. She got it as a 14-years-old child when she was riding a horse, and suddenly she hit a taut cord. For movies, Stone always covers it, but she does not have to do plastic surgery anyway, and that is admiring! She is not ashamed of some scars of life.

3. Sharon is the owner of an excellent IQ score.

Stone’s IQ is estimated as 154. That is considered as a genius person and this number we can see only in 0.1% of the population in the whole world. Besides, as Sharon says, she reads at least three books a week.

4. The actress took her husband on a dangerous tour.

In 2001, Sharon arranged for her then-husband Phil Bronstein a private tour at the Los Angeles Zoo. The keeper let Bronstein go inside the enclosure, where a Komodo dragon bit his naked leg. After that accident, Phil needed several surgeries.

5. The beauty pageant changed her life.

At the age of 17, Stone won the “Miss Crawford County" contest. One of the judges advised her to drop out of school and move to New York, where she could find work. And that is exactly what young Sharon did! She relocated to New York City, and four days after her arrival, the company Ford Modeling Agency signed a contract with her.

6. She is connected to the Italian culture somehow.

Sharon not only speaks Italian fluently, but she also turned out to be a new face for the world-famous jewelry firm Damiani in 2008.

7. Sharon is not only eco-friendly but also a charity person.

In 2007, the actress and her sister Kelly founded the Class of Hope. Their initiative is occupied in the recycling of fashionable outfits that have been worn at various events like the Oscars. Their clothes are distributed to underprivileged young girls, mostly for their prom nights.

8. She lives not only with her three children but also with two pets.

Sharon's family has two pets at the house: a Snowshoe cat that actually meows “Mom” in the case it wants Stone’s attention and a French bulldog.

9. She likes cooking but not eating.

Stone got the love for baking pastry from her mother. However, the actress claims that she only liked the process, to work with the dough but not eating sweets.

10. One of her favorite works was the Casino.

Sharon says that she would love to appear in the sequel of the Casino because it was a great pleasure for her to work with Scorsese. By the way, for that part, the actress got $2,000, 000 as salary.

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