10 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About Tom Hardy

He is one of the most talented and demanded actors of his generation. However, Tom doesn’t always play on Hollywood’s rules and has rather spicy facts in his biography.

Tom Hardy | bbcamerica.com
Tom Hardy | bbcamerica.com

1. He is a winner of the modeling contest

The actor appeared on the screen for the first time as a model on the modeling contest. It was 1998 and Tom was only 21 years old. Those times he studied drama and idolized Gary Oldman. Thanks to his charisma, he won the show charming all women on the set. By the way, later Tom appeared on four movies working alongside his idol Gary Oldman.

2. The actor has artistic genes from his parents

He was born into a talented family. His mother is a prominent painter, while his father is a well-known author.

3. How he gets into roles

The actor had to do much to get used to the characters. He gained first international recognition after his appearance in “Bronson” in 2008. The actor said that the preparation was fine. He ate chocolate and pizza, shaved his head and grew a moustache. But he had to pay for gaining weight in the next picture. Unlike “Bronson” he had to do much to play in “Warrior”. He trained every day from morning to evening for eight weeks.

4. Two roles in one movie

On the movie “Legend” Tom had a particular challenge. He played two different characters in the one picture.

5. He played a character who was crashed on Gerard Butler’s character

The other experiment happened on the set of RocknRolla when Tom played a gay hit on the mobster played by Gerard Butler.

6. A wayward youth

As a child of famous and talented parents, he felt pressure at school, where the teachers put on him high expectations. But the actor didn’t try to prove expectations and looked for an opportunity to be himself. He had a wayward youth. Tom was twice expelled from school due to theft and behavioural reasons.

7. Rapping career

Tom tried himself as a rapper. He even had a record contract and was going to record several albums. But later he confessed that he wasn’t good at it. However, Tom often surprised people the way he rapped.

8. He is a fan of body art

The actor has several tattoos, each of them symbolizes somewhat unique for the actor. Thus he made a leprechaun when he was 15. It pays homage to his mother’s Irish ancestry. The other tattoo is a dragon, which mentions him about his first wife, as she was born in the year of the dragon. The actor called it “a mistake tattoo”.

9. He is a passionate guy

He married his first wife three weeks after meeting her. They broke up after five years due to his addiction. He met his second wife on the set of the movie.

10. His Myspace page is amazing

In the 2000s the actor was addicted to Myspace as all of us. He posted there all that he wanted, and it was pure and unfiltered Hardy. He mentions those times with love and humor.

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