10 Amusing Facts About Will Smith

Will had obviously multitalented nature as he succeeded as an actor as well as a rapper and producer. He gathered an army of fans thanks to the vivid and unique roles. All that made him one of the highest-paid and famous actors in the world.

Will Smith | variety.com
Will Smith | variety.com
  1. The American actor was born in 1968 in Pennsylvania. When he was twelve, he began rapping every spare minute. Interestingly that unlike the other rappers who told about fights and crime, Will concerned more friendly topics. According to the song “Parents just don’t understand,” the rapper said how hos mother bought a 20-dollar plaid shirt with a butterfly collar.
  2. In his teenage years, the actor had an exceptional talent to get into trouble and then using his charm to get away with this. Due to his ability to stay lucky, the classmates named the actor “The Prince.”
  3. Despite the young Will dreamt of becoming a rapper, his parents insisted on college education. Finally, they gave Will one year to try himself as a rapper. Later the actor confessed that he always felt like an A-list Hollywood actor, and the general public would know it soon.
  4. His positive attitude and charm finally did the trick. He began appearing on the show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air playing the character “Jazz.” He immediately became popular.
  5. His rapping career was very successful. In 1991 he and his partner got a Grammy award for their song “Summertime.”
  6. In 1992 the actor married and that year his first son appeared on the earth. But this marriage lasted for three years. In 1997 he married the actress Jada Koren Pinkett. The twosome has built a well-respected Hollywood family. They have got two children.
  7. The artist proved to be a philanthropist who spends enormous money on charity. In 2007 he donated $1,3 million to charitable organizations. He and his wife opened the elementary school in California.
  8. The actor said that he didn’t identify himself as a religious person. Nevertheless, he confessed that he felt a deep connection with Indeed astrology and Hindu.
  9. He is known for the phrase in which he tries to pronounce every picture. It sounds, “Aw, hell, no!”
  10. The actor gathered millions of dollars when he was only 20. Later he has included n the top-earning actors. His net worth is $260 million.

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