10 Facts About Jennifer Lopez's Career

Jennifer Lopez is a woman of unimaginable beauty who fascinated everyone with her numerous talents. She is an actress, singer, dancer, choreographer, fashion designer, and producer. Here are 10 facts about the career of a famous star!

Jennifer Lopez | hellomagazine.com
Jennifer Lopez | hellomagazine.com

1. Childhood

The little girl started to demonstrate her talents from a very early age. When Jennifer was 5 years old, her parents decided that she had to attend singing and dancing lessons. Two years later, she was in the team of dancers and singers who traveled around New York and gave performances.

2. First steps

Despite the fact that the parents saw the daughter’s talents, they were against her abandoning the studies and becoming a superstar. They were strict and told her to finish her education first. To please her parents, Jennifer entered the Baruch College and dropped out of it after one semester.

3. Big desire

The young girl knew what she wanted: she had a dream of becoming a movie star. Her desires and opinions of her parents diverged, so she decided to live separately. Jennifer moved out of her family home into an apartment in Manhattan. During this period, she performed in regional productions of the musicals.

4. Acting

In 1991, Jennifer was selected as a backup dancer for the American boy band New Kids on the Block. Shortly after, the dancer got her first regular high-profile job as a Fly Girl dancer on the television program In Living Color.

5. Professional acting

In 1993, Jennifer received her first professional acting role in the direct-to-video drama film Lost in the Wild. Two years later, she got her first major big-screen role in the drama My Family. She played the part of Young Maria. Her acting was amazing, and Lopez received an Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female nomination for her performance.

6. Big money

In 1997, Lopez appeared in the neo-noir thriller Blood and Wine. Jennifer starred as the title role of the Selena biopic of the same name in March. Her part in the film was described as the "role of a lifetime" and made her the highest-paid Hispanic actress in history.

7. Singing

After the movie shooting, the actress was offered to start a singing career. Her debut single, "If You Had My Love", was released in May 1999, and she began to record her first album. During the production of her debut album, On the 6, Lopez wanted to prove that she had musical talent. Lopez's musical success came as a surprise to critics.

8. Debut as a judge

In 2009, following the departure of Ellen DeGeneres from the musical show American Idol, Lopez joined season ten's judging panel. The actress was viewing it as a decision to revive her career, while American Idol producers believed that her appearance would raise the rating. She starred in three seasons of the show in 2009, 2011 and 2012.

9. One more TV show

Jennifer set off a talent show named "Q'Viva! The Chosen" in 2012. Along with Marc Anthony (her ex-husband) and director-choreographer Jamie King, they traveled across 21 Latin American countries to find talent for a Las Vegas show.

10. Fragrance

After gaining her popularity, Jennifer Lopez became in demand for numerous companies such as L'Oréal Paris, Endless Jewelry, Fiat, and others. She also released her own fragrances, which became highly popular. Jennifer also launched her fashion label, named Sweetface. Her clothing lines and two fragrances brought her over $300 million, which made her the 19th richest person under 40 in 2004.

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