10 Facts About Al Pacino's Personal Life

He is a talented actor with a number of accolades. Today he is 79. He has got a lovely woman, three kids, and an impressive fortune. But the life of the actor hadn’t been always cloudless, and he had to overcome various personal hardships.

Al Pacino | screencrush.com
Al Pacino | screencrush.com
  1. The American actor and filmmaker was born on the 25th of April in 1940. He was raised in the Bronx. When he was two years, his parents got divorced, and little Alfredo and his mother moved to her parents.
  2. In his teenage years, Alfredo was interested in acting. However, he was instead a poor student that caused numerous argues with his mother. He dropped out the high school. As a result of a misunderstanding, the 17-year-old Alfredo left his home. To solve his money troubles, the young man took any job he could find, of course, that was a low-paying job. When he was 22, his mother and step-father died. Later he called this period the poorest in his life.
  3. Despite life hardships and poor education, the young man hadn't rejected his dream of becoming an actor. He acted in plays in the theatrical underground. After numerous attempts to find the path leading to perspectives and financial success, the young actor found an acting coach, who became his mentor. Finally, he got his lucky ticket, the actor began appearing on the screen and soon took a significant role.
  4. The actor had three kids. His relationship with the acting coach Jan Tarrant gifted him a daughter. Besides, he became a proud father of twins, a girl, and a boy. Their mother is an actress Beverly D'Angelo.
  5. To get the part of the blind retired officer, the actor trained with people from the school for the blind. He also used the character's cane and avoid eye contact.
  6. Though the actor has never been married, he was linked with various actresses and models, among them Diane Keaton and Jill Clayburgh.
  7. The actor has a 10-year relationship with the Argentine actress Lucila Polak. The actress had a daughter, who considers Pacino, his step-father.
  8. During the long and prolific career, the actor managed to gather an impressive fortune. His net worth is estimated at $165 million.
  9. The actor had insomnia caused by his tensed professional regime and personal issues.
  10. The actor can afford himself luxurious cars and villas. As reported, he bought a house for $25 million. He is a fan of sports cars and SUVs.

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